Tips for Traveling to Europe

Traveling to Europe

Travel to Europe? Well, that must be expensive. That is the first comment you are likely to hear after revealing your plan. But there is always the other side of every coin. When some explore Europe on a luxury note, you could complete your tour on a modest budget. In fact, I apply the idea of budget travel during my visit to any country and continent and hope you too will be benefitted by making a good use of them.

Tip #1

Have your breakfast, dinner and lunch with the locals and not with tourists. Local cuisines are very delicious and this habit during your Europe tour will save a great deal of money. You will find a lot of eateries at popular travel spots in Europe but select one that offers best meals at reasonable price.

Tip #2

How do you like the idea of economic and quick breakfasts? Have some fresh fruits or a roll in the local market. You can also take sandwich and a cup of coffee at a local park. Enjoy your breakfast and also the local life around.

Tips #3

Always select a restaurant that has fixed priced menu and made-in-house wine to get best value for your money. These dishes are often the best to enjoy the local delicacies.

Tip #4

Catch overnight trains to travel between places or even to have some good sleep. As you are a budget traveler, so make sure to bring bottle of water and a few extra packets of snacks. They won’t last more than a week and you need to buy in the local market, but the idea is a great saver on pocket, at least to some extent. And nothing can beat the taste of home-made packed meals.

Tip #5

I took loads of photos during my Europe trip and made a big mistake of getting them developed at an offshore studio. Don’t repeat my mistake, rather print at a studio in your locality. And also carry digital camera as you can take literally innumerable photos and print only the best ones or your favorites.

Tip #6

Pick up most commonly used words in local language. That will help during bargaining in local market.

Tip #8

Don’t carry too much of cash, instead use credit cards while making larger buy.

Tip #9

If you need cash during your Europe visit, look for better exchange rates. The best is to opt for ATM transactions. This way, you will be able to avoid high expenses charged by currency services and hotels.

Tip #10

Be wise while planning your budget. People are in habit of buying souvenirs during their trip. For most costly buy, never forget that the further you move away from the tourist spots, less expensive it would come on your pocket.

Last but not the least, many travel attractions throughout Europe provide discounts for senior citizens, kids and students. To be sure, it is always better to ask the authority.