Tips for Traveling With a Dog – What You Should Do?

Travelling with Dogs by Car

If you own a dog and don’t like to leave it at home while traveling away somewhere, don’t pull a long face as some airlines allow the travelers to take their pets with them. However, permission is granted only if your dog is carried in an approved carrier and easily fits under your seat. If your dog is a larger one, it will be placed in a special compartment that is usually tucked into the underbelly of your airplane. Enquire with the cargo department of your airplanes to get information. It is important to gather details especially if you want to go on a foreign trip where medical certification will be a must. Reservation is a must, especially if you are going to catch a nonstop flight early in the morning.

Get a crate, which is approved by your airline, well in advance of flight departure. Some countries and airlines need an up-to-date health certificate that will be signed by your vet not more than 10 days ahead of your visit. Contact your airline to know the in-detail requirements about the pet traveling in the country you will be heading to. Get the crate ready for your pet. Train your dog in advance so that it can feel comfortable in the crate during the journey. Use the newspaper in a thick layer to line the bottom of the crate so that it can completely soak up moisture against cold temperatures. You must try your best to make your dog feel comfortable during the trip.

Stick a piece of paper around the carrier and write your name, address, contact number, call the name of your dog, arrival and departure time, flight number, destination etc. on it. Never feed your dog for twelve hours ahead of your flight. Check with your airline in regards to liability limitations. Seek veterinary advice if you are thinking about tranquilization. You must ensure that your dog is accurately identified and include details about your destination. As a dog owner who wants his pet to take with him on the flight, you must not forget the following points:

Your dog needs at least two hours to digest a meal.

Put a leash around the neck of your dog before taking it to the exit door. A lot of dogs tend to jump out of the car as soon as the door opens. Your pet must be trained to follow the WAIT command so that it never bolts out the door.

Crates are the safe carrier for traveling by flight and keep your pet in a relaxed mood. For better safety, use a seat or crate harness.

In case your dog has a problem with flight sickness, ask your vet about medication.

Indeed, it is not wrong to say that the travel industry has to reform its systems to adapt well to the growing demands for traveling with your pet dog! But interestingly, in the current and today’s changing world, traveling with your dog is easier than ever! As someone who is extremely passionate about dogs, can find the below tricks to be actually functional for your travel with your pet dog. Get onto this emerging trend now!

Do not ever assume it is a no!

It is seen that traveling with animals has grown as a trend on the whole! And yes, it may take an establishment time to gear up to the various changes in the traveling industry. That means, until now, there are a lot of places that do not have dog policies. Indeed, if you are guessing these planes to be one of those popular hotels and the different restaurants, your guess may be right for some cases. Some of the destinations like this have already stated in their social media account that they are dog friendly; still, you need to check that again!

So, whenever you are in doubt, make it a point to clarify that instead of assuming it to be a no! Never assume that dogs are not allowed before getting the entire information for the trip. It is indeed okay to look for some signs like “no pets allowed” or “no dogs allowed” notices but always ask the place keeper for more information. This can be done by a phone call or a quick mail, and you can save your time from getting more confused out of frustration and irritation.

Do you have copies of pet-related documents?

If not, please get them ready as soon as possible. It is important that you carry all the copies of pet-related documents, whether you are traveling in your own city or out of the country! It is more essential if you are traveling outside the borders or internationally! For instance, you will always need your dog’s health records prepared just right in your hand. This is required to have proof for your dog. It speaks of whether he/she is vaccinated and healthy to travel! Officials may ask for the originals as well, and they can keep the copies for the same. Additionally, these documents can help you if at all, there is a need to visit a vet abroad in an emergency situation, especially if you are traveling aboard with your dog!

For this reason, it is advised to keep multiple copies for your dog’s medical certificates and documents with yourself. That can also include a virtual copy for the documents.

Using dog-friendly apps can be a good idea!

Indeed, you will find that there are plenty of applications that are available online that could help you when you’re on the road with your pup! Yes, installing it and getting that work for you is now a lot easier than it used to be ever in the past years. Here is the list of some of the apps that you can use as per your requirements-

Pet First Aid By American Red Cross

If you are in need of an emergency vet or a nearby animal hospital, this application can be the best choice for you. It helps you locate the nearest animal hospital in the least time possible. Not only that, but it also provides the step-by-step instructions to get onto the desired place for common vet emergencies.

All Trails

Indeed, this application has the largest collection of trail maps that can go up to 50,000! You can browse the reviews and photos through this app and then filter your search items by dog-friendly trails. In this manner, you can know better to have the best hikes to hit your dog!

Bring Fido

Yes, this is the yelp of the dog world. The application effectively helps you locate the nearby attractions, restaurants, and hotels that not only welcome pets but also have the best preparation for you to be relaxed and comfortable.

Skipping the hotel fees

You will find many hotels that would be charging additional fees to have your pet dog accommodated! It can be in the form of a one-time fee or that of a daily charge. Whatever it is, it is seen that these charges are high enough to have you think twice. These extra costs eventually add up, and you have to owe that extra for your entire trip now. However, some hotel chains are ready to welcome your pets without any of the extra charges. Indeed, no deposits and no extra fees for your dogs can be an amazing idea!

Traveling with your dog can be amazingly effective for the people who are already in their plans for getting around the world. Get these tips to work for you to have it right and appropriate now!

If you are planning to take your dog on a trip or vacation, you must not forget a few important things. Travelling with any pet is a big challenge and you need to chalk out an effective plan much beforehand. First and foremost of all, you must have a fair idea about where you will be heading to, how long it will take to reach there and how you will get there. Will you drive; go by road or jet to the place? Or are you considering a journey through train or other kinds of transportation? For most of the dog owners, this canine animal is just like an extended part of their family. However, all don’t think that way and will not tolerate your pet everywhere. There are some places where pet dog is strictly ‘not allowed’. So you must make sure to book a hotel that allows the dog owners to keep their pets with them. If you are travelling by flight, you should check with the airline to see if your pet is allowed and necessary arrangements are made for its safe and comfortable journey. Most of the dog owners don’t love the idea of parting ways with their pets while being on a flight. They love their dogs to get seats just next to theirs. Usually, the dogs remain calm and quiet throughout the journey if they are accustomed to traveling from their childhood. You should train your dog in order to make it familiar with car rides whenever possible. Start with short trips until your dog becomes accustomed to journey and enjoys it. Here are few more tips for the dog owners who want to travel with their pets.

  • Pack necessities for your dog. Remember to pack in prescribed medicines and normal food that your pet takes at home.
  • Lots of exercises for your dog just ahead of trip are important to keep it fit and healthy. Regular stretches are very important for its health and make sure that your dog practices them ahead of trip.
  • Ensure dog-friendly accommodations and arrangement for your lovely pet.
  • Using a travel crate will be best while driving with your pet. It is the safest choice. It is like a child seat in car and absorbs extra pressure in the event of jerking.
  • Hang an identification tag around its neck as well as crate. If your dog gets lost, chance will be higher to get it back.
  • Never feed your dog just before going on your rip as motion sickness is very common to pets.

Travelling with your pet dog will be an amazing experience, particularly when you plan your trip accordingly.

Want to Take Your Dog on Holiday- Here is How Can You Make It Possible!

People say a dog is man’s best friend and if you have a canine companion – you’ll agree with the statement. Dogs have the tendency to become a member of the family soon; their behavior and loyalty enhance their chances of getting connected to the human world. Being a great companion, the owners like to take them wherever they go, especially on HOLIDAYS!

Dog on holiday

Are you planning a holiday with your furry companion? It’s a GREAT decision! Currently, this decision is respected, and the government of different countries allows pets to enjoy holidays abroad thanks to pet passports. Check the top five points to consider while taking your dog on holiday:

#1 Dog Type

Some dogs share an incredible bonding with their owners and will go anywhere with their owners. You just need to have the right pet in your life; Jason McDowell in Edinburg is one such breeder, who avails a huge range of healthy pups. Choose the one you fall for and train them properly to adapt easily to new life cycle changes.

#2 Temperament/Behaviour

A well-socialized dog may enjoy more chances to travel with their owner. Let your dog socialize from the early stage to make meeting new people and seeing new places fun. It’s because a nervous character dog will find it stressful and end up with embarrassment at times.

#3 Dog Necessities

Before starting your packing, prepare a checklist of your dog’s necessities. Make sure you carry enough treats, medicine, food, and all-important necessities in your pooch’s bags. Take your dog’s lead and collar; also add a tag mentioning the dog’s name and your contact number.

#4 Visit Vet

Arrange a visit to your regular vet prior to a trip. Make sure all vaccinations are up to date, and treatments done at new places may expose your pet to common diseases of that area as well as bring them in contact with other animals, fleas, worms, or ticks.

Again, Get Contact Details of Local Vets for emergency cases. The dog might fall sick or get hurt while holidaying. At that time, the local vets can be your savior. Research about vets and keep details handy throughout your stay.

#5 Travel Diaries

To add happy moments in the clank pages of your travel diaries, familiarize your dog with the care environment and journeys. Start by taking them on shorter journeys to make them well-versed in long car journeys. Safety is crucial. Before starting the journey, make them familiar to the drivers for an unrestricted and attentive movement. If you have a sensitive canine who suffers motion sickness, keep remedies in the car, and avoid feeding before the time of travel. Extra care is worth for your pet companion!

With that, you are now ready to get started for an enjoyable holiday with your pet dog. Who says, taking your pet dog out for the holidays has to be accompanied by loads of hassles? Whether you are planning for a drive out of town or opting for a relaxing mountain holiday, counting over the serene atmosphere, having your dog enjoy a holiday can be excellent. You can use the below tips to have a pleasant time with your pet dog.

Tips for making the holiday more enjoyable for your pet dog

Packing the right stuff

There are many essential items that your dog would need daily. It may be right considering the various options for food, collar, lead, water and food bowls, toys, blanket, and a first aid kit. Hey, don’t forget the shampoo towel for your dog!

Following the correct dog diet

You might opt for binging on holiday, but at the same time, your pet dog cannot do the same! If you are giving your dog extra food and something that your dog has never tried before, it may lead to complex digestive issues. Indeed, no one would want to spoil their moods while on holiday, right?

Planning out the route

If you have opted for driving in the holiday plans, deciding over the appropriate routes is essential. Remember that you must have stops along the way for your pet dog. Also, if you are driving a car, make sure your pet dog is under control effectively.

Having an identity can help.

It is wise to ensure your pet has a tag with a name that you can identify. You can also have a label imprinted with your contact number on it for greater ease.

Don’t let your pet get sunburnt.

Opting for a pleasant holiday in the summer mornings can be the most common idea striking most of the dog owners right out there! Indeed, the outdoors and the sunshine can be just mesmerizing for being the driving reason for a perfect holiday for your dog. It would be best if you avoid your dog playing in the strong midday sun.

Check whether the cottage is suitable for your pet or not!

Selecting a dog-friendly dog cottage can be an essential aspect of choosing the perfect cottage for your pet dog’s holidays! You should always check the size of the property so that it is suitable for your dog. You can also consider an important aspect because different breeds of dog require enough space outside to be comfortable. You can also check for the restrictions inside the property. Indeed, it is seen that some of the areas for the pet holidays are off-limits for the dogs. There are some restrictions on the number of the poets allowed in some of the properties if you have one that one pet!

Make the cottage a home-from-home space for your pet dog.

Your pet dog may feel unsettled in the all-new place. It doesn’t matter how comfortable it is! So, it is always a good idea to take as many things as possible to give them the feel of their original homes. The items chosen for this purpose can be familiar, including the toys. Indeed, their toys can make all the difference in making them feel comfortable.

Getting the contact details of the local veteran can be an excellent option

Hopefully, you may not be required to contact the veteran on holiday, still, who takes the chance! It can be the case that your pet dog falls ill or gets hurt in any case. So, it can be a good idea to be prepared. Research the contact details of the vets who are close to your cottage and make sure you keep the delays handy all along the holiday trip.

Make sure your pet dog is well and appropriately trained.

You can ask yourself, how well-behaved your dog is! It is important before you take them for any holiday cottage. Spending some time on dog training before you plan the holiday can be an effective idea. You can get started with the very fact of having some of the basic commands obeyed by your pet dog.

Keeping your dog safe

Indeed, we know you love your pet, and that’s why you are reading this blog! The last thing that gets its beams focussed right across and over anything is keeping your dog safe. Make sure that the c cottage that you choose and the garden you opt for making them play is safe and secure. Indeed, checking for the small aspects to ensure they don’t run away can be an excellent idea!

With the above-mentioned points, have a great holiday with your canine pet. Let them spoil a little more; after all, they are on HOLIDAY too!

7 Best Reasons To Take Your Pet Dog To Travel Abroad With You

There are many dilemmas that people who are about to travel abroad experience. If you yourself are a traveler, you know what I’m saying. There are many factors to consider and circumstances to prepare for. One of the hardest to conclude a decision to is whether to bring your furry pet dog or to just leave it at home. You know as a pet owner that this is a big decision to make because there are both pros and cons of choosing either.

Well, if you really want to take your dog with you but are having troubles between “yes” or “no”, here are 6 good reasons to bring the buddy with you. Spend a read!

#1: No Worries For You

Aside from the certainty that you will miss your darling dog’s cuddles and cuteness, the reason why you do not want to leave it at home far from you is that there’s no one else to take care of it or you’re not just comfortable but troubled letting someone else take care of it for a long time. You’re the pet’s human parent, and just like a mother to her children left at home, being able to look after your pet yourself and having someone else do it for you are two very different things.

If you have your pet by your side while you travel, you will be unworried about its food, its health, its feelings, and everything! You can immediately respond and not be bothered by afar as well if your pet has urgent needs. In that way, you can have a peaceful travel abroad, without the need to get stressed become your fur baby is left at home.

#2: Travel Stress Reliever

Traveling is fun but not all-day all-fun and energy. Why? because it’s not that easy to go around and interact in a foreign place and because it’s also physically tiring [though fulfilling] to make the most out of your travel by spending every second of the day outside discovering the beautiful spots around.

While you travel, you might experience stresses along the road, but your pet can cheer you up and remind you that there’s no time for bad vibes on a rare kind of travel experience. Its fluffiness and cheerfulness can infect your bad mood and turn it into a good one! Also, at the end of a tiring day of strolling, you will have your pet playing with you in the hotel, relieving your whole day worth of tiredness and patting off stresses on your shoulders.


On the other hand, it’s an advantage for your pet as well because it will have someone to play and be naughty with, and that someone is you, it’s beloved, loving owner! If it’s left to a pet sitter, you will not be sure if it’ll be treated nicely and with its needed affection and fun; if it’s with you, you are sure that you can both be with each other to appease troubles and exhaustion.

#3: Delightful Companion

It might not be totally easy, but it’s such a delight to have your pet dog as your companion or one of your companions traveling abroad. With that ball of enthusiasm and superbness, your fun travel abroad will turn out extra fun! There might be some foreign activities you can do even better with your pet.

You can also think of creative ways to spend even more fun travel with your pet. Try those stuff you can’t do in your local country. You might want to dress up extravagantly with a matchy-matchy attire with your fur baby without being judged by people around! It’s a mommy and fur baby kind of thing! Awww, it’s too cute even while just imagining it!

You never know, but you might also grab certain perks for travelers with their beloved pets. You won’t only enjoy the freebies yourself, but your pet can also get a taste of foreign goodies and treats!

With your pet, you can maintain a jolly and pleasant travel and stay because it’s definitely a delightful companion! Sometimes, you might also feel like it’s better to travel with them than with humans because you can save time, money and stress too. Oops.

#4: Instant Friend Maker

Pets, especially doggos, are human magnets! Wherever they are, even just in photos, they attract a lot of attention. They are considered as man’s best friend, and humans are probably dog’s faithful lovers. Dogs are attention-catchers mainly because they’re adorable and precious!

If you travel abroad, do not be surprised if your dog becomes an instant star because people all over the world just can’t enough of these furry cuties! Pets do connect humans wherever around the globe, whatever language and culture they have. Pets are bridges for new acquaintances and friendships to occur between humans.

This is helpful for you in a way that it wouldn’t require much effort for you to find new friends because they’ll come to you — to your dog actually! — and you can get that lucky chance to talk and communicate with foreign people or even meet your fellow countrymen living in that foreign country or traveling just like you. From there, you’ll get many other unexpected benefits like being able to ask someone about things you’re wondering about the place or to ask for help when you’re lost.

Your pet dog is an instant friend maker or if it’s for the best, a matchmaker! This, however, does not mean that you’ll intentionally push your pet dog to seek attention from strangers just because you are shy and hesitant to approach people. That would be very funny (but alright, if it’s your only option and if you’re just lost, then it might be less funnier.)

#5: Loving Safety

Your pet is so twee, but what people do not know is that it can be fierce and it’s clever especially when they sense bad people and situations around. Traveling abroad is surely splendid, but there are risks as well, mainly because you are a “foreigner” to your destination. Risks include being taken advantage of and deceived because of your obvious unfamiliarity.

Your dog is a pal that loves and protects you, and it knows when you need help or are in danger or harm is approaching. It can be your dear personal security guard when you travel abroad. Its senses might be keener and its guard on a more alert mode because the place and the people are alien to it. If there are suspicious people roaming around the floor your hotel room is, your dog might be able to sense it.

Some travelers experience getting put on hold at the airport or at the hotel lobby because of their bags that sounded the alarm of security check, and it’s because of bad modi operandi, which are very commonly done by deceivers to take advantage of others or to falsely accuse someone else of their own benefit.

If there are dangerous objects put by goons in your bags, your pet might also sense, and you’ll avoid accusations of bringing illegal objects and you can ask help regarding such situations. You’ll be safer, along with your stuff too because your pet is there with you, sensing what you cannot sense and seeing what you cannot see.

#6: A Whole New World

You travel because you want to unwind and to discover new places. While pets are used to their homes and usual environments, there may be benefits, too, of letting them see and be in new places. If you bring them abroad for an amazing travel, they will encounter a whole new world, different from what and where they are used to.

It’s great if your pet enjoys the new surroundings so much to the point of not wanting to leave, just as how you also are captivated by the foreign place, because you’re convinced that you can also bring it to the next destination on your list. It could be a wise and practical way to treat your pet while you treat yourself.

Your pet might need some new sights so they will not be lonely or alienated when you bring them out of your houses comfort. Some pets which are not often or never brought to new and unfamiliar places by their owners become scaredy or unfriendly and wild. Why not upgrade that walk to your favorite park and bring your pet as you travel abroad? It’d be a cool way to introduce it to new spheres and faces so that your pet can be human-friendly and also safe and trained wherever you bring it.

#7: Still Feels Like Home

Your pet is already part of your family and you also are to it. You look forward to its hugs and kisses as soon as you arrive home from work, and it also looks forward to seeing you and playing with you. You miss your fur baby when you’re out, and it misses you too! Being apart is surely a sad song for both of you.

Traveling together would be so much fun! If you travel abroad with your dog, homesickness is discounted. Your pet wouldn’t get sad and unlively. Even when you’re out of your own house, you with your pet dog and your pet dog with you, however foreign the place is, it still feels like home.

Go Travel With Your Fur Baby!

There are good reasons to take your pet dog with you which include benefits both for you and your furry baby! Just remember that if you will really take them to travel with you abroad, make sure that you’ve made ready all their needs involving those for their own health, security, and safety. There are cons of bringing them too, but they will not bother you as long as you’ve prepared well for you and your pet dog’s travel abroad.

Make sure you get everything well planned, packed and put together! After everything’s set, you can already enjoy a fun, hassle-free and beautifully memorable!

How to Travel with Your Dog Like a Pro?

Travelling with your dog can be a great fun. People can now travel with their pets conveniently. When you have to travel you have the option of leaving your pup behind under the care of a sitter or pet care center. But, most of the pet owners can hardly live without their pet so they almost always take their pets with them.

But, travelling with a pet comes with huge responsibility. Unless you want to become bothersome to other passengers, you will need to take care of a few essential things.

Why Travelling with pets is difficult

Travelling with pets can be difficult for many reasons. First, they are not humans and cannot be told to abide by the rules. It will be your responsibility to make sure that your pet does not create problems while traveling. Whether you are traveling by plane, train, ship, bus or car, there are certain dog travelling protocols you need to follow.

Here are the Problems you may face when travelling with a pup.

  • Pets can get sick onboard the plane or train and cause problem. So having essential medicines like the Heartworm tablets for dogs is important.
  • If they are not used to travelling then again it can cause problems for you and your fellow passengers.
  • Keeping the pets in control throughout the journey isn’t easy and will need constant vigilant.
  • Travelling with a dog comes with a few problems. For instance, your dog cannot poop while traveling. And if that happens then you need to make sure you don’t create the mess.
  • Pets don’t like huddled in their pet carrier. You will need to train your dog to stay in there while travelling before you actually travel.

These are some of the problems you may face when travelling with your pet dog. There are more problems and inconvenience that can be caused by the pets when travelling long distance.

How to travel comfortably with your pet

Travelling with dogs can be made easy with little bit of preparation and homework.

Here are some of the best ways you can make sure that you and your dog travel hassle-free every time:

Health is paramount:

Before travelling you will need to make sure that your dog is fit to travel long distance especially by the plane. Get an appointment fixed with the vet and get your pet full check up. This will ensure that your pet’s vaccinations are up to date. If you are travelling by plane you need to show the health certification for the pet.

Carry the medicine:

Some of the pet medicine may be essential for the dog. Dogs can get infections easily. Medicines like the Heartworm tablets for dogs should be with you when you are travelling with your dog.

Find out the nearest Vet or hospital in the destination you are travelling:

You may never know when the emergency situation may arise. Research the nearest vet or animal hospital in your area and note down the address and phone number so that you can contact them easily when the need arises. Make sure to carry Heartworm medicines for dogs if your dog is suffering from it like many pets in USA.

Pack pet food and water:

Always carry pet food and water with you. Delays are part of travelling no matter how are travelling – by plane or train or car. So it is important to stock up on essential dog food and water as well so that you they don’t get agitated with hunger.

Give your pet identification card:

You cannot afford to lose your dear pet while travelling. Get them identification tag where your name, address and phone numbers are mentioned. In case they get lost, it will be easier to identify them. This an important travelling tips for people who travel with their pets or want to take their pets with them.

Train them properly:

If you are a frequent traveler then you will need to train your pet in travelling. The earlier you start the better. The best thing to do is to teach your pet to remain calm when you give them the command. This will help you keep everything under control when travelling.

Potty Train them:

One of the best things you can do is to potty train your dog. This will ensure that your puppy doesn’t poop while travelling. You can try getting them to do their business just before you travel. This will save you all the inconvenience during travelling.

Pet Travel carrier:

There are so many pet travel carriers available in the market. Some of them come with efficient features like wheels. You can easily drag along your pet carrier in the busy airport or train station. The point is the carriers will help you carry your pet easily.

Get them Comfortable Seats:

When you are travelling by car one of the best things you can do is get your pet comfortable seat. You can buy craters where the pet can easily sit with the safety belt on.

Keep them entertained:

It’s not just the humans who can get bored. Your pet can get bored too. Sit them by the window so that they look outside and be happy. This will help you keep them calm and in place when you are travelling, especially by the plane.

Pack all the essential things:

From clothes to toothbrush to grooming items, make sure you have all the essential things packed for your pet dog. Pets can get ticks when they are out and about. Things like tweezers will come handy in getting rid of the things.

Know the travelling rules:

All the airlines have different pet travelling rules. Make sure that you are aware of them. If you are not sure you can call them up and get help. This will ensure that you travel hassle-free with your pet.

Respect other passenger’s:

Some passengers on board may not like the pet getting out while travelling. Respect them and make sure to keep your pet inside the pet carrier. They are super comfortable and will keep your pet safe and at ease inside.

Be extra careful:

When you are travelling with your pet you need to be extra careful. Make sure they behave well. If your dog is suffering from conditions like heartworm then make sure that you carry heartworm tablets for dogs.

Beware of the heartworm disease

Dogs are so prone to heartworm diseases. Initially they don’t show and the disease can go on ruining the heart of your dog. It is important to keep things on track when it comes to your pet’s health.

  • Dogs can get heartworm disease by the bite of an infected mosquito. There is no way of telling whether the mosquito was infected or not. So it is important that you keep your pets safe from the bites. Even a bite from one mosquito infected with heartworm larvae can cause the disease in the dogs.
  • Prevention is better than the cure when it comes to the heartworm disease in the dogs. Make sure that you get your pet regularly checked for diseases like this. If your pet had been diagnosed with it or you want to prevent it from happening make sure you carry the heartworm medicine for dogs when you are travelling.
  • Travelling can expose your dog to lot of things and keeping the medicine handy is one of the best ways to prevent any major medical emergencies. The vaccination helps, but make sure to keep the medicines with you when travelling with the pet.


Travelling with pets can be a difficult task but it is not impossible. Take care of a few important things and you can travel happily with your pet no matter where you are going. Make sure to do the smart things as a pet owner and everything will fall into place.

Tips for Travelling with Dogs by Car

If you want to travel by flight with your canine friend, you will get some boost to know that some airlines allow the passengers to carry dogs with them. If you own a larger pet, it will be placed in a separate compartment tucked in the underbelly of airplane. Get in touch with your airline’s cargo department, particularly when you are jetting to a foreign destination where medical certification and quarantine time are a must. Wherever you go, reservation in advance is necessary, preferably if you catch a nonstop flight early in the morning.

Get a crate approved by your airplane well in advance of your departure date. Some airlines require the dog owners to submit an up-to-date health certificate that must be signed by your veteran doctor within 10 days ahead of your flight date. It is important to train your dog in such a way that it gets easily accustomed to the crate which it will be carried in. Use a few layers of newspaper to place at the bottom of your carrier. It will soak up moisture and prevent your dog from catching cold.

Write some important pieces of information including your name, address, contact number, your pet’s name, flight details and departure time on a paper and paste it outside the crate. Feed your dog before 12 hours of your flight departure. Enquire about liability limitations of your airplane. If you are pondering over tranquilization, consult your vet for advice.

Travel kit items for canine friend

  • Leash and collar
  • ID tags carrying home and destination address to be fastened to collar
  • Old towels (at least two) and a blanket
  • Food and bottle of water
  • License and health record
  • First-aid box containing medicines for some common diseases like diarrhea and motion sickness
  • Plastic bags, paper towels and scooper
  • Grooming and bedding aids
  • Favorite toys

If you are travelling by car with your pet, here are some important recommendations for you.

Vacations & Car Travel

  • Your pet must be properly identified. Make sure to include details regarding your destination.
  • Never forget that your dog needs at least two hours to digest its meal.
  • Stop your car every 2-3 hours as it will make your pet feel relaxed.
  • Remember to tie your dog with a leash; otherwise it may jump out of car when you will open the door.
  • Even when you are traveling by car, crates are safe for your pet. In all likelihood, it will be a good place for your pet to relax during its travel. You can use a crate harness for better safety for your car.