Tips for Travelling to Ireland

Travelling to Ireland

Since our shifting to Ireland and settling there more than 10 years ago, we have welcomed many travellers to our small guesthouse. The ease (or difficulty) with which they cope with the differences has been a good source of thought-provoking amazement for us. It reminds us the way we adjusted on the foreign land after leaving our county America. Initially, we too had a lot of discomforts but over time, we have learned to adjust. Here is a list of five simple tips to take into consideration to make your Ireland trip a more enjoyable and memorable one.

Front door handles are not knobs but levers

Whether you are staying in a hotel – you will find many of them – or in a guesthouse just like ours at Kinsale, you will find the front door has a lever in place of a knob to lock it. You need to lift the lever first and it will cause the locking mechanism to slide out, allowing the key to turning entirely and ultimately locking the door.

Be aware of on/off switches on wall board

If your phone is not charged even after you have plugged it for a long time, it is likely that the switch is not turned on. Turn them off when you are to leave your room, particularly those used for heating units.

Call Garda whenever you need their help

Garda means Police in Ireland. They are extremely helpful to the tourists. There is a police station just behind our apartment. Wherever you are staying, get the telephone number of the nearest police station saved on your mobile. If you cannot find out the way back to your hotel after a visit to a local park or elsewhere, call them and they will reach you at the earliest.

Follow the midlines down the curved roads

In most of the countries, you will see that a road runs straight but in Ireland, it is different. That could be a little bit confusing for the first-time Ireland visitors. Always follow the white line down the mid of the road, irrespective of how it takes a turn or how other roads emerge from it, which may appear to be a straight road.

Road signs are not accurate always

All roads in Ireland have signposts developed over years. Some signposts have distance written in miles whereas the rest have written it in kilometres. You may also find the first signpost mentions 5km while the next one says 7km. Visiting Ireland is largely done in accordance with historic sites instead of road markings and so you may find it difficult to follow the directions on the signposts. Expect the time taken to visit between places a little longer than what you have expected. If it’s within your budget also you can have your own car transported to you by car shipping companies because it would make the experience even better.

Ireland is a favourite destination in Europe. Both urban and rural landscape of the country is filled to the brim with heavenly beauty. Ireland is also known for being stepped in rich culture and heritage. Make the most of your Ireland visit just by keeping in mind those above-mentioned useful tips.