Tips for Travelling to Italy

Tips for Travelling to Italy

Italy is a country rich in a tapestry of beautiful landscapes, art and cultural heritage. It has something to mesmerize even the most seasoned travellers. The country is a big draw for those who are in love with amazing natural beauty as well as art connoisseurs. Italian food is also popular across the globe. If you have any plan to visit Italy and explore the country at its fullest, here are few simple tips to follow:

General Tips

  • There are several tourist attractions, especially museums, that don’t allow photography.
  • Italians are not very conservative when it comes to dressing codes. However, avoid wearing beachwear, bikinis, skimpy outfits or short skirts while walking around in towns.
  • European and American DVDs use different formats which are less likely to work in Italy. However, that problem has been overcome to some extent by the increased use of Multi-Region DVDs.
  • Exchange or return of items, even defective goods, is not usual in Italian shops. So always check things before paying for them.
  • Some dress material stores don’t have trial rooms.
  • Topless sunbathing is a common sight on central as well as northern beaches. However, it is not allowed in more conservative southern regions of the country.
  • In a very few restaurants, there are arrangements for wheelchair access to bathrooms. Elevators and ramps are rarely found in old buildings. Buses rarely feature wheelchair compatibility.
  • Most of the hotels in Italy don’t have video games or pools. Virtually no program is telecast in English on radio or TV.

Tips for Health Care & Safety

  • Wine and olive oil are very common to Italian recipes. These ingredients are natural laxatives which may cause problems if you have a sensitive stomach.
  • Pick up most commonly used Italian words like AIUTO which means HELP. If you are in problem, yell out AIUTO to the passers-by for some help.
  • Use of bottled water is very good for your health as tapped water often contains a high percentage of chlorine.
  • A heinous crime like rape or murder is not very common in this European country. However, you must be aware of pick-pocketing in towns or big cities as these incidents are not rare.

Tips for Eating out

  • Italians usually don’t make any special request while eating out; instead, take their food according to the listing.
  • Ask for a check instead of waiting for it.
  • Usually a ‘Servizio’ charge is included in to-be-paid figure; still, a small tip is a part of courtesy while eating out.
  • Breakfast time is between 7 and 10.30 am whereas lunch and dinner time is from 12:30-2: 30 pm and 7:30-10pm respectively.
  • Alcohol is not forbidden in the country and you are allowed to buy it any day or any time.
  • There is no age bar for taking hard drinks.

There are several others of tips but these are only basic ones. Following them will save you from troubles and also make your Italy trip most wonderful.