Tips for Travelling to Jamaica

Travelling to Jamaica

Jamaica is the third largest country of the Caribbean islands. The natives in Jamaica have their ancestral linkage deeply rooted in Asia, Africa and Europe. Over thousands of years, Jamaica has been a big draw for the travellers cutting across countries, continents and cultures. Its culture and history are intimately woven and date back long ago. The country is also endowed with plenty of natural resources, which have attracted lustful glances of the potential investors to come here and wing out their business tentacles.

The country has a pleasant climate. This is another reason for the heavy incoming of foreign travellers to this country. Ahead of your Jamaica visit, it is important for you to keep yourself informed about local customs and culture. It will keep you safe on foreign soil and also show that you are respectful to the natives and their customs. Jamaica is a country with a myriad of cultures and customs. Let us take a quick look at traditions over there to make sure your safety during your visit to this beautiful island.


Firm handshaking is the most traditional and standard custom of greeting in this country. If you make an acquaintance with a local person, it is highly likely that you may be invited to his/her house. Accept the invitation cordially. Most of the Jamaicans are Christians. So, don’t be surprised to hear biblical quotes during a conversation. The nation is steeped into a tinge of tradition and being in the know-how of all these will help you gel well with the locals.

Know what must be avoided

Beaches and resorts in Jamaica are safe; still, there are some perilous places that you must avoid during your trip to this country. It will be better not to visit places like Kingston’s Trench Town. Jamaica ranks third in terms of murder cases. To ensure safety for yourself, avoid visiting dangerous neighbourhoods.

Learn to protect yourself

If you are making your way through bad neighbourhoods with your car, never forget to keep the car door locked and windows shut. There may be some advances from drug peddlers. Verbally reject their approach. Carry not much of cash with you. The best is to leave your valuables in the hotel room while exploring the country.

Find out your government embassy

Following the above-said tips will help you stay safe and protected during your Jamaica visit. Still, you must locate the embassy of your government. It would be of great help if you are robbed.