Tips for Travelling to London

Travelling to London

A short jump over the pond! Well that’s what Americans often hear ahead of their London trip. In reality, it’s just a journey across the Atlantic Ocean to reach London – a city rich in history and historical sites. It is not a city of towering structures. In fact, London is mostly remembered as motley of cultures and there is an array of several cultural sites that you must not miss to enrich your traveling experience. Rich in theatre tradition and full of music, London is a big draw with its plenty of shopping venues and as a busy trading centre.

Which places will you visit first while making a trip to London? Here are few tips on must-not-miss spots to make your London vacation more enriched and excellent.

London is the capital city of England and an epicenter of politics, trade and cultural activities. London has been a home to the most intellectual minds in every walk of art and culture. The bustling city has greeted poets, writers, scientists and musicians with open arms. A trip to London won’t be complete without a ‘walking tour’ of famous Bloomsbury neighborhood of Virginia Woolf. And there are so many like this. Search London guidebooks to get address and direction to embark on your cultural tour. Such a tour is completely different and may be the first of its kind in your life but I bet it will feel just superb.

Theatre is a part and parcel of London nightlife. A different show is played every night, whether it is at famous Globe theatre seated on the banks of the Thames or Queen’s Theatre. And there are Soho theatres staging some of the longest-playing shows in history. And you know what – tickets are cheap and easily available in one of several outlets in Leicester Square. Shows are scheduled in such a way that it would be convenient to most of the visitors.

There is a remarkable variation in London’s architectural specimens. They exemplify historic British tradition on the surface with colonial and naval supremacy. A traditional London trip always includes tributes to kings, queens, wartime generals and influential British leaders. Different shades of history can be easily found. There are some architectures looking completely out of place and standing tall at the heart of the city whereas some properties were reduced to rubbles during the Blitz, with remainders witnessing gory battle fought long ago.

Visitors can access public transportation service. London tubes are very famous. You will find double-decker buses on London roads and these are popular to the residents and vacationers alike. If you are a shutterbug and fond of snapping photos of the city, take a tour of London in these buses. They are a low-cost mode of transportation.

If you consider social scenes, London has an unparalleled presence. It is always vivid with live music, restaurants, pubs and clubbing activities to titillate every mood of passion and preference. London nightlife is another attraction. Don’t miss it otherwise you will fail to hear the heartbeat of the city.