Tips for Travelling to Paris

Travelling to Paris

Paris has always been a fascinating city. The French capital, rightly nicknamed as “the city of lights”, is a big draw for the travellers all around the globe. Paris takes pride in its booming economy and a great cultural heritage. There are plenty of sightseeing spots in Paris and this capital city is widely famous as the epicentre of trendiest and haute fashion.

When to travel to Paris?

If you want to know Paris just like the locals, winter or fall is the best time to be here. This is the high season to feel the vibrancy of Paris. Enjoying Christmas in Paris is just like a lifetime experience. However, for purpose of sightseeing, summer is the best time. The city feels a little warm by that time. Prices are usually higher in peak travel season. Paris is mostly crowded during summer and Christmas vacation. However, if you don’t like the crowd, the rainy season is good for you though it will be irritating to go on shopping or sightseeing in drizzling rain or heavy shower.

How long to stay?

A very short-time offshore trip is never a good idea. Think about staying minimum one week in this beautiful and most happening city. Plan wisely and in advance so that you can enjoy the highlights of the city. If you are not a budget traveller, a hotel in the downtown area could be a great choice as you will get to cover many places of attraction fast.

If exploring the city is what is in your mind, think about a fortnight trip. You will enjoy a more relaxed and quality vacation in Paris on a longer trip. There are several must-see spots tinged with natural beauty or cultural richness. History witnesses that the city has always been a hub of art and literature.

Paris is almost dotted with museums, art galleries and architectural specimens. So make a list of priorities, depending on the length of your vacation.

Where to stay?

If you have a plan to visit Paris during high tourist season, the hotels are booked up much beforehand. Hotels are also very costly during this time. To save your budget, think about staying in suburbs or private guesthouses. You are more likely to get good deals through online searching.

What to see?

Eiffel Tower tops the list of tourists’ wish-list when it comes to Paris visit. It is a magnificent and towering architecture in Paris and looks at its stunning best at night. The entire city looks mystic and majestic from the top of this tower.

Arc de Triomphe and Champs Elysees are among other must-see sites in Paris. Walking along Champs Elysees and visiting the Arc de Triomphe are worth cherishing until the last breath of your life. The view, the history, the ambience and the energy make it the most unique and something hard to forget.

Louvre is regarded one of the best museums in the world and a home to world-famous painting Mona Lisa. You may need a couple of days to see all arts and artefacts preserved in this museum

You will be hardly satisfied by visiting Paris only once, so just promise yourself that you will come back here times and again.