Tips for Travelling with a 2 Year Old

Travelling with a 2 Year Old

Travelling with kids is really a big headache as they need attention, pampering and some special care round the clock. Even if you are taking a short trip, you must make sure that the travel packages include special and proper arrangements for kids. If you are planning everything on your own, opt for airlines and hotels that have facilities for the kids and children. Let us now glance through a few tips if you are travelling with a toddler.

Some airlines keep the good stuff to entertain the children. There are boutique carriers in some countries’ airlines that give away free gifts like bags, toys, drawing box, books etc to children. These days, airlines have their vested interest in kids and make efforts to keep them happy and quiet on flights. So they come up with plentiful and thoughtful ideas to keep children busy with different activities.

Aeroplane-themed toys are very helpful to show the kids how to sit in the seats. During my last visit to China, my baby was given an ABC puzzle. Now that puzzle is very interesting as you need to build up a character in the stoke order that is far different from copying an image. My little princess spent time with that puzzle and I was surprised to see her not whining even for a second. She kept quiet all throughout the journey and the same was true for other children on the board. That was a big relief for us…the parents!

We got a helicopter from Bangkok Airways. Laura and I were busy assembling it together to our great delight. A little later my husband Frank too joined. These theme-based things are really wonderful. I think they are great to the kids’ intelligence and keep them engaged. Good options to kill the boredom of elders too! Among the old standby stuff, I like painters’ tape. It is easily available at any hardware store. They are colourful to tease eyes and you can easily pull it off without leaving a mark.

It’s my strong belief that the latest toys are far better than old ones and I do know, if you are a frequent flier with your kids, you will agree with me. We usually try buying small and interesting toys before taking a flight. It keeps Laura busy for hours and we get a peace of mind. Children books are also a great success.

Just like the parents, kids too love partners to do mischievous things together. You are likely to find out at least one or two in your flight while walking up and down the passageway.

Chair exercises will also feel fun and be relaxing. A little activity on your chair will be greatly entertaining for your little gem. However, you may get tired soon though your kids will still be high on energy.

Don’t forget to carry wet-wipes as you cannot always take your kids to the bathroom for cleaning.

You won’t always get a utensil in airline if you need one. So remember to carry bite-sized snacks.