Tips for Travelling with a Baby on a Plane

Travelling with Baby on Airplane

Now you have decided to go on a flight with your baby. You need to be extra careful because your little champion loves to be cared. First check safety rules and regulations of the particular airline you have decided to board. These rules are actually guidelines about ‘dos’ and ‘do nots’ while travelling with your baby on flight.

Most of the domestic airlines have the following regulations:

If a child is two years old or less than 40 pounds in weight, the baby must be carried in an infant carrier or in the lap of a paying passenger. Infant carrier can be a car seat or any other convertible restraint. The carrier should be located in a non-exit row’s window seat. The restraint system for the carrier must have approval level from the authority and be fastened with the provided seatbelt in the airplane seat.

When you are travelling with your baby in a flight, you have either of two choices. The first one is to carry your baby in your lap. The airlines allow such passengers to use a carrier or sling for your baby when the plane is taking off or landing. If you opt for this option, you have to buy only one airline seat ticket. However, there are some safety issues to consider should you choose it as you need to control these with your arms. This option is not allowed in every airline.

The second option is to go with an airport-authority approved car seat. Such car seat features a sticker that can be usually found underside of the seat. If your baby car seat is approved, you will be allowed to carry it in the flight and place the same just next to your own seat. If you go with this option, you need to buy a separate seat for your baby though discounted offer on a baby seat may be available. You can also ask for a free seat if the flight is not crowded.

The carrier must be placed on a window seat and must not be on that way of other passengers so that they feel free while getting into and out of their seats. The maximum width of the baby seat must be within sixteen inches, which is equal to that of most airline seats.

Once you travel with your baby in a plane, you will immediately realize that it takes no short of superhuman effort to carry luggage along with baby car seat and your baby! To make things comfortable for you, wear a carrier in front to secure your baby inside and strap the baby car seat with your back. That will keep your baby secured and you will have your hands free too.