Tips for Travelling with a Cat

Cat in the Car

If you have a pet, you must consider several factors while going on vacation with it. Most of the people usually leave their pets at home or in care of family members or friends. But there are also those who cannot live without their pets and always take them on a trip especially if it is going to be a longer one.

Going on vacation with pets is never easy but also not as complicated as you think. In this write-up, we will focus on cats and discuss how they can be taken good care of during travel. Take a hard look at these following tips before planning a trip with your cat:


if the trip is for a brief period – say a couple of days – it is better not to make your pet a part of your journey. This is because; it will most probably not like hustle-bustle of your short-time tour, particularly when you are travelling by flight.


if you are travelling with your pretty cat, you need to be armed with necessary equipments. Every cat needs a suitable carrier during travel. Everyone claims his/her cat very calm and quiet but even if it is so, you must not let it roam free. If you do so, it will cause distractions for the driver and even other travellers will not feel comfortable. On other hand, remaining loose may also pose serious injury threats to your lovely pet.


the travel carrier for your cat must be large enough. Your cat must feel comfortable while travelling around. If your journey is too long and you need to take several breaks before reaching at destination, you should place a water bottle in the carrier. A bottle will be a much preferred choice. If you place a bowl, water will spill out.


pets also suffer from acute anxiety just like human being. So before taking them on your trip, consult a veterinarian. He may prescribe oral medications to ease your pet’s nerves.


pets also feel vertigo and motion sickness during a trip by car. Medications are available to reduce such problems. Most of oral medications for pets are added to drinking water shortly before your trip.

Lastly, during a long trip with your cat, you may need to take an overnight stop. Sometimes, cats don’t like leaving a hotel if they feel comfortable there. Cats, particular the nervous ones, often take shelter under furniture and refuse to come out of their hiding. So, as a cat owner, you must wake up early in the morning and coax your cat to come out of its place of hiding.