Tips for Travelling with a Dog

Travelling with Dogs by Car

If you are planning to take your dog on a trip or vacation, you must not forget a few important things. Travelling with any pet is a big challenge and you need to chalk out an effective plan much beforehand. First and foremost of all, you must have a fair idea about where you will be heading to, how long it will take to reach there and how you will get there. Will you drive; go by road or jet to the place? Or are you considering a journey through train or other kinds of transportation?

For most of the dog owners, this canine animal is just like an extended part of their family. However, all don’t think that way and will not tolerate your pet everywhere. There are some places where pet dog is strictly ‘not allowed’. So you must make sure to book a hotel that allows the dog owners to keep their pets with them. If you are travelling by flight, you should check with the airline to see if your pet is allowed and necessary arrangements are made for its safe and comfortable journey.

Most of the dog owners don’t love the idea of parting ways with their pets while being on a flight. They love their dogs to get seats just next to theirs. Usually, the dogs remain calm and quiet throughout the journey if they are accustomed to traveling from their childhood. You should train your dog in order to make it familiar with car rides whenever possible. Start with short trips until your dog becomes accustomed to journey and enjoys it. Here are few more tips for the dog owners who want to travel with their pets.

  • Pack necessities for your dog. Remember to pack in prescribed medicines and normal food that your pet takes at home.
  • Lots of exercises for your dog just ahead of trip are important to keep it fit and healthy. Regular stretches are very important for its health and make sure that your dog practices them ahead of trip.
  • Ensure dog-friendly accommodations and arrangement for your lovely pet.
  • Using a travel crate will be best while driving with your pet. It is the safest choice. It is like a child seat in car and absorbs extra pressure in the event of jerking.
  • Hang an identification tag around its neck as well as crate. If your dog gets lost, chance will be higher to get it back.
  • Never feed your dog just before going on your rip as motion sickness is very common to pets.

Travelling with your pet dog will be an amazing experience, particularly when you plan your trip accordingly.