Tips for Travelling with a One Year Old

One Year Old

Travelling with children will give you more trouble than taking a herd of wild elephants on a vacation. Meeting a one-year old infant’s requirements and keeping it happy throughout your journey may make your almost insane. Here are few simple tips if you are planning a trip with your one-year old little bundle.

Take your time

Whether you are to be out for a journey, planning for sightseeing or anything else during your trip, make sure to have plenty of time at your disposal. Toddlers are also fond of exploring the new places and hardly bother about time pressure during a trip.

Book in advance

Most of the travelers stay in a hotel during their trip to anywhere else in the world. However, adventure-loving tourists prefer staying in camps. Whatever option you choose, booking in advance is always important. You used to enjoy kind of spontaneity during a trip before a baby arrived in your life. But after it comes, it will never pay off if you reach a destination without booking. You will have no way but to get back your home with your tired and hungry baby almost sinking down in car backseat.

They love camera

Surprised? Give your baby a child-friendly camera. That might make them a good observer and help them be focused on interesting objects in the surroundings. Even you may come in for some wonderful surprises by looking at the objects from their knee-high perspective. You won’t believe that my one-year old shutterbug captured some brilliant photos of wheels, rocks, animals, flowers and boats.

Learn about climatic condition

When you are travelling to a new place, the environment of which is far different from what your baby is accustomed to, you must pack necessary clothes so that it can adjust to a new environment and stays happy there. With multiple sizes available, you must not produce a lame excuse for dressing your baby in a swim-suit that is three times big. If you are going to a chilly place, you must not leave his/her gloves at home or leave your toddler barefoot in a locality infested with urchins.

Carry pull-ups

Traveling with your infant in a public transport vehicle during pottiy training days can be more than pathetic. It seems that you need to carry a bag that will contain wet clothes and stinky pants. If you are traveling by flight or train, best is to put them back on Pull-Ups.

Pack medicines

Even if your infant is fine and healthy, it may fall sick on holiday due to jet-lag, intake of less healthy food and getting involved in out-of-routine things. Consult your child specialist ahead of trip and pack in prescribed medicines in case your one-year old infant falls ill while holidaying.