Tips for Travelling with a Toddler by Car

Toddler by Car

Travelling with your toddler by car could be quite eventful. However, it could stress you enough for the day. You can make your journey hassle-free and funny even with your toddler. Here are a few tips to ensure safe journey – no matter, whether it is a short or long trip.

Organize Your Journey

The first and most important aspect of travelling is to organize it well. Throw in car dickey a number of Ziploc as required. Keeping things separate is the first lesson of keeping things organized. Pack in all medicines in a Ziploc whereas throw tiny socks into another. Use one for baby utensils, one for baby dresses and the list just continue…..

Feeding Time

If you are still breast-feeding your toddler, you can easily do it in your private car. Most of the toddlers are used to feeding from bottle. If you keep your baby on bottle and feed it jar food, carry disposable utensils and bottle liners. You can also use carry packs – made of plastic – or throw the disposable bowls after you are done with it. That will keep your vehicle dirt-free and also saves you from troubles of washing things while on go. This way, you can enjoy your journey more. Furthermore, disposable utensils are not expensive.

Ensure Cleanliness for Kids’ Hygiene

Kids create a lot of mess and it is important to ensure cleanliness in your car, otherwise it will adversely affect your toddler’s heath and hygiene. Use scented garbage bags – they are easily available at dollar store. You can get 50 of them for a dollar! These bags are very useful and keep bad smell away. You don’t need to purchase costly diaper trash bags as you can easily do with these scented garbage alternatives.

Take Breaks

Take breaks on your way to destination. Take breaks in an area where you can have a little more space. It will give you and your toddler some relief from being confined to a car for a long time. A break at McDonald’s or the likes means your toddler will be provided with playing area.


Invent ideas to keep your toddler busy and entertained. Several games and activities for kids can be found on internet to make your little champ occupied throughout the journey. You can also play a children movie on laptop. Your toddler will keep calm and quiet while watching it.


Safety and comfort of your toddler is most important for you as parents. If you are driving the car and accompanied by someone else, ask him/her to come behind the wheel after a certain time. When your hands are off the steering, you can feed your baby, play with it and do whatever that keeps it happy.