Tips for Travelling with an Infant

Travelling with an Infant

Travelling with an infant:

is not easy as the little champ needs an overwhelming amount of stuff during a trip elsewhere. Your baby itself is an extra luggage that you need to carry on your back or lap throughout your journey. Here is an important checklist to make things easier when you are travelling with your baby and to keep you sane surely.

Pack toys and books:

Kids love toys. If they are given toys, they will keep quiet for at least, a couple of hours. Such distraction is almost a must for them when you are going through security checking or standing in a long queue. However, you might wonder at the idea of packing books. Kids’ books are always loaded with a lot of pictures. And you know always how fond they are of colorful images. Chance is really high that they will tear into the books but they always need something to toy with and books are great to keep them busy for some time.

Carry blankets:

Carry a couple of blankets while traveling with your infant. You can use them on floor where you child will be sitting and playing. Blankets also find good use to protect your baby from cold weather and diaper leaks.

Purchase a Car Seat:

Buy a baby car seat if you don’t have any plan to rent the same. These seats are especially designed to ensure a safe journey for the kids when they are travelling in a plane or car. Travel accessories are also available with baby car seats.

Get a Stroller:

Try to get a small stroller, particularly one that collapses as that could be easily checked at the gates or pushed into overhead bins on flight.

Don’t leave sunscreen lotion at home:

If you are travelling a place that has a river or sea or your hotel features a swimming pool, pack in a swimsuit for your baby. Kids too need sunscreen lotion. It will be a good idea to carry sunglasses and hats as well.

Carry extra clothes:

You should always carry extra clothes even during a very short journey if diaper leaks or your infant spits up. Make sure to pack booties or socks (extra pair will be better).

Make space for extra bottles:

You should have a good back up of bottles, Sippy cups and nipples. If one gets lost or dirty and there is no chance to wash it, you will still have options at your disposal.

Carry a few disposable plastic bags:

You need plastic bags to carry waste diapers, dirty blankets or clothes so that unclean items don’t get mixed with clean stuff in your luggage.

Don’t forget tissues:

Infants have runny nose more than often. Use tissues to avoid getting your shirts soiled with sticky stuff!