Tips for Travelling with Diabetes

Travelling with Diabetes

Are you a diabetic? That won’t be a problem if you are planning a vacation near or far. You just need to remember some simple tips to make sure that you enjoy a healthy vacation. Here is a list of tips for you to know ahead of your trip.

Get ready with prescriptions

Consult your family physician or the diabtologist you are currently under treatment of. Only a medical expert can guide you regarding how to take care of yourself during a trip. If you take insulin or are on regular medications, the doctor may prescribe additional medicines should emergency happen.

Prescription laws are not same in every country. You can collect a list from International Diabetes Federation groups. If you are taking an overseas trip, you may also visit a specialist in that country. Visit to get in touch with the International Association for Medical Assistance to the vacationers.

Do some smart packing

Pack in at least twice as much glucose-testing tools (glucose test meters, diabetes test strips, monitors, body fat weight scale etc) as well as medicines according to your requirements. Take a small carry bag with you, which should contain the followings:

  • Insulin and testing supplies
  • Extra batteries for diabetic glucose meter
  • Oral medications
  • An air-tight snack-pack
  • Your diabetes ID card

Request for special meals

If you are travelling by flight, request for special diabetic meals. Check with the airlines to know how much time in advance you have to request for your meals. If you take insulin, don’t push injection until you see meal coming your way. Any delay will not lead to low blood sugar. To be on the safe side, make sure to carry some food wherever you travel.

Properly store insulin and insulin needles

First think about a proper place to store insulin. It needs not to be refrigerated. However, you must not keep it in an extreme weather like in a hot place or on ice as this way, your insulin could lose its strength. You should keep it in a travel pack to ensure that your insulin remains cool.

Plan for changes in time zone

If you are an insulin user and planning to visit another time zone, contact your doctor before leaving. If you are travelling east, you will experience a shorter day. That could mean you may require less insulin. If you are traveling west, you will experience longer day and may require more insulin.

Taking extra care is a must for diabetes patients during their trip to anywhere else.

Make taking care of your diabetes a priority on your travels and you’ll be rewarded with a fun and healthy vacation. Bon voyage!