Tips for Travelling with Dogs by Car

Travelling with Dogs by Car

If you want to travel by flight with your canine friend, you will get some boost to know that some airlines allow the passengers to carry dogs with them. If you own a larger pet, it will be placed in a separate compartment tucked in the underbelly of airplane. Get in touch with your airline’s cargo department, particularly when you are jetting to a foreign destination where medical certification and quarantine time are a must. Wherever you go, reservation in advance is necessary, preferably if you catch a nonstop flight early in the morning.

Get a crate approved by your airplane well in advance of your departure date. Some airlines require the dog owners to submit an up-to-date health certificate that must be signed by your veteran doctor within 10 days ahead of your flight date. It is important to train your dog in such a way that it gets easily accustomed to the crate which it will be carried in. Use a few layers of newspaper to place at the bottom of your carrier. It will soak up moisture and prevent your dog from catching cold.

Write some important pieces of information including your name, address, contact number, your pet’s name, flight details and departure time on a paper and paste it outside the crate. Feed your dog before 12 hours of your flight departure. Enquire about liability limitations of your airplane. If you are pondering over tranquilization, consult your vet for advice.

Travel kit items for canine friend

  • Leash and collar
  • ID tags carrying home and destination address to be fastened to collar
  • Old towels (at least two) and a blanket
  • Food and bottle of water
  • License and health record
  • First-aid box containing medicines for some common diseases like diarrhea and motion sickness
  • Plastic bags, paper towels and scooper
  • Grooming and bedding aids
  • Favorite toys

If you are travelling by car with your pet, here are some important recommendations for you.

Vacations & Car Travel

  • Your pet must be properly identified. Make sure to include details regarding your destination.
  • Never forget that your dog needs at least two hours to digest its meal.
  • Stop your car every 2-3 hours as it will make your pet feel relaxed.
  • Remember to tie your dog with a leash; otherwise it may jump out of car when you will open the door.
  • Even when you are traveling by car, crates are safe for your pet. In all likelihood, it will be a good place for your pet to relax during its travel. You can use a crate harness for better safety for your car.