Tips for Travelling with Pets

Your Pet Dog To Travel Abroad With You

Just imagine you are standing in the queue for security checking with your little friend, taking some rest in a pet carrier approved by your airline authority. I bet you will feel nervous in such a situation if it is your first-time foreign tour and might be thinking how the security officers will react to your furry friend. It can be an excellent idea to look for the pet-friendly vacation rentals.

If you are prepared, there is no need to worry.

Getting prepared is the most important step ahead of your visit with a pet. If you have a clear idea of what to face next, things will be a lot easier when you are waiting to get through security checking. With chatting and humming all over the airport, you should think about how to be prepared for the next rounds before you finally board the flight.

The TSA agents will ask you to hand your pet over to them as it, too, needs to get through security screening. You may even be asked to take your pet to the metal detector. However, if this is not possible for you, a secondary screening test will be performed on your pet, which involves both a physical and visual check. It may sound funny, but these days when airport security has been made more stringent, your little companion may need a thorough pat-down along just like its owner. The security guards will even ask for pet carrier checking, and then you have to carry it in your lap and bring it on the ground.

If the commotion or sight of so many people at the airport scares your pet and forces it to react, you can request the security guards to keep it in a separate room during X-ray checking of the carrier. In reality, most of the pets often get scared at a new place like an airport where many unfamiliar people are coming in and out, and it gets difficult to control them once they are out of their carrier. You will surely not want your little body to make its way out of the airport.

Reach the airport well much before your boarding time. This is because it will take more time for security checks than you have expected, especially when you are traveling with a pet. If someone accompanies you during your trip, it will be of great help to you. However, when you are traveling on your own, carry a leash to keep the pet under your control. Even the quietest of a pet may react in an unfamiliar way if it is brought to a place like an airport where a lot of strangers and noise are very common.

Indeed, you will never want to leave your furry family members when you are not around! If you want to have them navigate with you around the borders, here some of the most functional tips for you to follow! There are different pet-friendly accommodation hacks that you must know before getting along with yourself on the trip. Whether you plan to fly with the pets or have car travel, gearing up with the best hacks can be amazing. Follow this blog to know some important things before you opt for traveling with your pet.

Get these done before you go-

What are the embassy requirements?

Indeed, researching the embassy requirements can be an excellent idea for getting started! Kennin Bassart and Lauren of The Constant Rambler are recognized for traveling each part of the world full-time with their pet dog, Zoe. The dog has been a Weimaraner since 2012. According to them, it is worth noting that traveling with the dog can actually dictate where they cannot go and where they can go! You will find that different countries can have a different set of requirements. In the current situation, some countries are asking for the mandatory quarantine periods. Naturally, if you are traveling with your pet, you would not be comfortable with the quarantine periods.

On the other hand, most of the countries require shots for kennel cough, rabies, and parvo. You can know much about these things just by calling an embassy or researching online to see the country’s requirement, which is on your travel list next! In the process, it is to be made sure that you have all your paperwork handy whenever you are opting for crossing the border.

Your itinerary matters whenever you opt for leaving or entering a country

While you are researching for pet travels, you must research both the countries, the one you are leaving and the one you are entering. You can also find out the common country between them. There are examples from all over the world for the pet masters with their pets being traveling around the world for years now! For instance, Gigi Griffis has been known to travel since 2012 with Luna. She is a pint-sized schnauzer-Yorkie mix. The pet has till now 11 passport stamps and counting!

Interestingly, the countries which have a low incidence of having different requirements than the other ones. They are mostly based on the place you are coming from. If at all, you are coming directly from Canada or the U.S, you will find the requirements to be very simple and easy. That may be like going for a vet visit, followed by some paperwork and getting a stamp from an appropriate Canadian or U.S authorities. If you are coming from Thailand or South Africa, you may have the rules totally different from the other countries.

Remember, it is not only your last destination that would be counted. In some of the countries, the layovers can also affect your pet’s ability to cross the borders for traveling.

Getting a health certificate can be mandatory

Indeed, you may be thinking about the use of health certificates for your pets. Yes, they are mandatory and may be required by border authorities, hotels, airlines, various vet care centers, and others, to name a few! In many of the cases, you will need to get the certificate within ten days of starting the trip. You have to research the specific requirements itinerary before you set off for visiting your vet. Remember to keep an electronic copy of all the health certificates and the other pet certificates always while traveling.

Research well in advance about the local vets

Just in case there is a mishap on the road or an emergency in the new destination, whom would you contact for your pet? At this point, you won’t be scrambling here and there to find a reputable vet. Make sure you have the contact details for some of the vets around you to be easier with traveling!

The bottom line

If you go through the above pet-friendly travel tips, you should also know the hacks for crating your pets. It is essential to know exactly when and how to crate your pets. Here are some of the tips to help you out-

Leaving things like loose collars or leashes in the crate can never be a good idea. It can eventually harm your pet.

You are not supposed to treat the crate as a prison. Indeed, this can be a very bad idea for opting for a pet-friendly approach for traveling. You don’t have to use a sad voice and repeat sorry whenever you crate them.

Get these works for you to have an enjoyable and memorable journey with your pet!