Tips for Travelling with Toddler

Travelling with Toddler

You love traveling a lot. However, you have become one of the most unwilling persons who hardly want to go out on vacation. But this is not surprising anybody as parenthood brings a lot of changes to one’s life, and it’s quite natural. Will it be possible for you to enjoy traveling with a baby? Yes, the answer may surprise you. If you abide by some simple tips, it will keep you and your baby as well in a good mood throughout the journey.

Your baby should be given a flu shot.

Babies are more vulnerable to illness, especially when they are on a trip to an unfamiliar location. So make sure that your toddler has been administered necessary vaccines ahead of the trip. Your child’s health must be the first priority for you as a parent.

Be prepared for a delay.

It is quite common for flights not to be punctual. If you are traveling by car, it could be trapped into a long jam. There might be some unexpected incidents that could delay your journey. So it is wise to get ready for delays and make adjustments accordingly. It won’t be easy for a toddler to adjust itself to a new ambiance and express if he/she likes it or not.

Carry only the necessities

Pack in clothes, feeding bottles, milk, pacifiers, diapers, and baby wipes. These are the basic requirements for your baby. Consider packing in a three-day supply as further requirements can be met by buying from a local store. Remember that overpacking will add to your inconvenience, and you may have a feel of carrying extra luggage.

Bring a stroller for your baby.

Never leave the stroller at home. It will cause a lot of convenience for both you and your toddler. You may have to sit your baby in a buggy on several occasions during your journey.

Choose a comfy dress for your toddler.

You may have to change your diaper more than once during your trip. You will surely not like taking a lot of time to undress your child and placing those clothes on again.

Now you have a host of tips that could make your journey with your toddler a lot easier and funnier. As a parent, you will not mind the delays during your travel. You should be extremely cautious while traveling with your child and take high care of your toddler every minute, whether you are at home or on your vacation.

Be Prepared with the UFOs

Hey, if you are traveling with a toddler, some of the other unidentifiable filthy objects may certainly sneak into their space. They may be considered aliens to Will Smith. You can have this solved by guarding against germs and probes by always opting for the sanitizing stripes or the wipes to keep them safe. Yes, that should be in easy reach.

Don’t ever try to vaccinate and fly.

Do you know what that one thing that is common in diaper blowouts, rashes, and fevers is? Indeed, they can be the most general side effects of the most routine vaccination for toddlers. Yes, it is something that you may not want to deal with on the day you have planned your travel. To avoid such circumstances, you can book vaccinations with a date not closer than one week to your next upcoming travel to avoid any issue!

How about getting the extra outfits for your toddler child?

Indeed, it is always better to have at least two extra outfits packed for your toddler child. You can think extra outfits are only for infants and also for those fascinating award shows! But, here you have made a mistake! Toddlers may always find creative and new ways to destroy their clothing on a daily basis. So, you should never forget that extra outfit for your toddler!

Mastering the art of negotiation

Are you really planning to pay for you under a 2-year old child? Indeed, many airline companies may differ in their policies, and some of them offer great services for infants to fly! You can ask every gate agent and the different flight attendants multiple times whether the flight is full. The main purpose of asking is to move people around to get a coveted free open seat for your family. Talking with the flight crew members can actually be profitable sometimes!

Have you heard of the mobile mama medical unit?

Hey, wait! This is not the next CSI spin-off! It is the travel first aid kit that you must pack for your travel with your toddler child. It must be packed regardless of the destination, which is not only for the toddler but also for the whole family. It is yet applicable for hangovers to the feverish children. It is advised to carry two first aid kits in any of the travel plans, especially with the toddlers traveling in car!

Be sure to pack the travel-sized essentials like Neosporin, band-aids, adult Tylenol, etc. for safety issues. You can also opt for some large-sized versions of some of the products for your children.

Snacks, snacks, and snacks…

At once, you may forget about the toys, but forgetting about the snacks is a really bad idea! Snacks are essential as they can be the perfect way to keep your child busy! It is required to keep the toddlers happy and content during the travel. You can take anything like dry snacks, fruits chopped into smaller pieces, biscuits, pouches, and many more. You see, there is no end to the snack rainbow for your toddler! It can seem like a food coma ahead; something one can only have hopes for!

Carry a big scarf and book a night flight!

How do you like the combination of a big scarf and a night flight? Indeed, that can be an excellent idea for a smooth travel plan with your toddler child. Yes, it is what all toddler travel dreams consist of! You can use that scarf to block the daylight or also the plane light. The idea for booking a night flight is that they can be tired enough and ready to sleep without having many options to be taken care of during the trip!

Packing for the pressure

Food, water, pacifiers, and those passionate conversations about your interests, use anything to get your toddlers’ jaws moving at the time of take-off and when the plane lands at the destination. It is mainly done to avoid any serious conditions to help with ear pressure discomfort!

How about jumping in, jumping up, and getting down!

Do you have a mid-flight ants-in-your-toddler’ s-pants attack? Never ever hesitate anywhere to get up and walk around with your toddler! You can choose the plane gallery for some time for a few minutes. Or you can also choose a few trips up and down the aisle. Indeed, that can be enough to distract, refresh and prevent any kind of impending meltdown.

The bottom line

Traveling with your toddler child can be challenging, especially if you have planned it for the first time. You can get these tips and tricks to have an enjoyable and memorable travel trip with your family. Master them now!