Tips for Travelling with Toddlers by Car

toddler in a car for a comfortable journey

Are you planning for a road trip or looking forward to traveling with the toddlers? The very idea for getting onto the reality of such a decision can make you wince if you are adding a toddler into the equation, right? Indeed, traveling with a toddler does not need to be a complete nightmare, but yes, it can be challenging at times! The first thing that grazes your mind is what to pack and what stuff to leave behind! And most certainly, you can be unsure for handling those breakdowns along the way ahead.

Traveling with a toddler will be a bigger problem than what you have ever thought, even in your wildest imagination. They seldom keep quiet and often start whining for petty problems. You need to take them in your lap often, which means carrying extra baggage that requires maximum attention.

Here is a list of some effective tips on what you should pack in during a trip with your toddler and believe me to help me a lot and make things a lot easier for other parents.

Toys are toddlers’ favorite. Pack in a few of them that they play with at home. That distraction is really important to keep them busy during your trip.

Pack in books. Surprised? Toddlers also love books that have a lot of colorful pictures. Give the books to your little champs; they will never complain about anything even if the car is stuck in a jam for a long time.

If you are visiting a place where mercury has dropped down significantly, don’t forget to pack in blankets. Throw two blankets into your bag. Make sure you are carrying a security blanket as you will need it to spread on the floor or protect your baby from the chill.

Are you still using a breast pump? If yes, get one of the traveling types when you are traveling by car.

When you are visiting a beach city or town, remember to carry sunscreen and a bathing suit for yourself and your toddler. Also, bring sunglasses and a small hat as well.

Get a car seat from a shop or on rent. They are specially designed for toddlers. They make traveling a lot safer for the kids. Travel accessories are also available for your toddler’s car seat.

Remember to pack in a few extra outfits as there is a chance that your toddler may have a diaper leak or spit up during your journey.

I used to carry at least one diaper per hour of journey whenever I took my traveler on my trip. That will meet your requirements even if you are caught in a traffic jam.

Extra bottles, Sippy cups, and Nipples are among the most important things to pack in your bag. This is because you need to have a backup if one gets dirty, and it is difficult for you to access the restroom for washing bottles, Sippy cups, and nipples.

Actually, there are many things to pack to ensure your toddler’s safety and good health and keep it in a cheerful mood during its journey.

Do not opt for over-doing anything!

Indeed, toddlers and babies do not have the patience for super-long travel trip plans that can be very normal for you. You have to keep in mind that doing things to a greater extent would only do harm. The best you can do here is to plan shorter travel plans and shorter road trips. You will find that as your kid is growing, he/ she will have a greater scope for attention spans, right? That undoubtedly allows them to sit in one place, maybe a car, and have their activities continue for a longer period of time. But that may not be the case for the toddlers. For instance, if you are planning to travel a distance, the best approach would be to opt for the daytime. Why? Because that may be the nap time for your baby or toddler! If you’re planning for long-distance travel, breaking the journey into shorter segments can be an amazing idea! That can be manageable for stops for eating, playing, and sleeping!

Getting in the backseat for playtime can be a great option!

That can be really helpful if you are traveling with another adult! If that is the case, then one grown-up can drive, and another one can play with the toddler in the backseat. Indeed, that is not required all the time. A portion of the trip time would also work great! You can effectively use the time on the road to have and create a bond with your baby or toddler! For this purpose, you can bring along some of the familiar toys and books to have the journey worth remembering. Indeed, some of the surprise goodies which you think won’t scare your baby could also work on a long-distance trip. If you want to check some of them, don’t forget to check some of the travel toys and books to travel with a baby.

How can you distract your baby?

Undoubtedly, if you are planning to travel with your toddler, you cannot be monotonous in your approach, right! You can have their mind distracted with the help of meals and snacks. It can be finger foods for toddlers or bottles for the babies. They all can be delicious diversions on any traveling plan. Indeed, joining your baby at the backseat by spoon-feeding them can also be an excellent option. Yes, you will have to prepare a schedule for having a suitable stop time at intervals during your travel with your baby!

For toddlers, you can pack some healthy toddler snacks. That can be fruits chopped finely, into smaller pieces, whole grain cereals, and cheese cubes! Remember to put all the snacks in different containers to keep them fresh and healthy. Do not believe this nut the snacks you pack for a trip keep your baby and the toddlers’ content and happy during the entire trip!

Keeping all the family members safe is important.

What is your number one priority for a journey, be it a shorter one or that of the longer trips? Indeed, the first thing to keep in mind is keeping all your family members safe during the entire trip! Before setting up for any travel, make sure your vehicle is up to date. If it requires any oil-changes or maintenance, go for it! You should always keep a roadside emergency kit in your vehicle. It can have all the necessary equipment, like medicines, bandages, and other useful items with a torchlight! Yes, you can always purchase a pre-filled kit for your vehicle before opting to travel longer distances.

How about listening to music along the journey?

Music binds the family together, right? You can have your playlist ready while you are planning to travel with your toddler. Indeed, it keeps them content and also patient for a longer time. There may be a different collection that you may have access to and want to be played, but remember, you should be comfortable with your baby or the toddlers before having those loud bass irritate your child!

The bottom line

No doubt, it can be a challenging task for you to travel along with a toddler, but at the same time, it can be fun! Traveling with your child can be a memorable experience, too, if you are planning a trip for the first time. You just have to get these tricks and tips mastered right and there you go- capturing all the memorable moments with your family!