Tips for Travelling with Your Dog

Travel with Your Dog Like a Pro

If you own a dog and don’t like to leave it at home while traveling away somewhere, don’t pull a long face as some airlines allow the travelers to take their pets with them. However, permission is granted only if your dog is carried in an approved carrier and easily fits under your seat. If your dog is a larger one, it will be placed in a special compartment that is usually tucked into the underbelly of your airplane. Enquire with the cargo department of your airplanes to get information. It is important to gather details especially if you want to go on a foreign trip where medical certification will be a must. Reservation is a must, especially if you are going to catch a nonstop flight early in the morning.

Get a crate, which is approved by your airline, well in advance of flight departure. Some countries and airlines need an up-to-date health certificate that will be signed by your vet not more than 10 days ahead of your visit. Contact your airline to know the in-detail requirements about the pet traveling in the country you will be heading to. Get the crate ready for your pet. Train your dog in advance so that it can feel comfortable in the crate during the journey. Use the newspaper in a thick layer to line the bottom of the crate so that it can completely soak up moisture against cold temperatures. You must try your best to make your dog feel comfortable during the trip.

Stick a piece of paper around the carrier and write your name, address, contact number, call the name of your dog, arrival and departure time, flight number, destination etc. on it. Never feed your dog for twelve hours ahead of your flight. Check with your airline in regards to liability limitations. Seek veterinary advice if you are thinking about tranquilization. You must ensure that your dog is accurately identified and include details about your destination. As a dog owner who wants his pet to take with him on the flight, you must not forget the following points:

Your dog needs at least two hours to digest a meal.

Put a leash around the neck of your dog before taking it to the exit door. A lot of dogs tend to jump out of the car as soon as the door opens. Your pet must be trained to follow the WAIT command so that it never bolts out the door.

Crates are the safe carrier for traveling by flight and keep your pet in a relaxed mood. For better safety, use a seat or crate harness.

In case your dog has a problem with flight sickness, ask your vet about medication.

Indeed, it is not wrong to say that the travel industry has to reform its systems to adapt well to the growing demands for traveling with your pet dog! But interestingly, in the current and today’s changing world, traveling with your dog is easier than ever! As someone who is extremely passionate about dogs, can find the below tricks to be actually functional for your travel with your pet dog. Get onto this emerging trend now!

Do not ever assume it is a no!

It is seen that traveling with animals has grown as a trend on the whole! And yes, it may take an establishment time to gear up to the various changes in the traveling industry. That means, until now, there are a lot of places that do not have dog policies. Indeed, if you are guessing these planes to be one of those popular hotels and the different restaurants, your guess may be right for some cases. Some of the destinations like this have already stated in their social media account that they are dog friendly; still, you need to check that again!

So, whenever you are in doubt, make it a point to clarify that instead of assuming it to be a no! Never assume that dogs are not allowed before getting the entire information for the trip. It is indeed okay to look for some signs like “no pets allowed” or “no dogs allowed” notices but always ask the place keeper for more information. This can be done by a phone call or a quick mail, and you can save your time from getting more confused out of frustration and irritation.

Do you have copies of pet-related documents?

If not, please get them ready as soon as possible. It is important that you carry all the copies of pet-related documents, whether you are traveling in your own city or out of the country! It is more essential if you are traveling outside the borders or internationally! For instance, you will always need your dog’s health records prepared just right in your hand. This is required to have proof for your dog. It speaks of whether he/she is vaccinated and healthy to travel! Officials may ask for the originals as well, and they can keep the copies for the same. Additionally, these documents can help you if at all, there is a need to visit a vet abroad in an emergency situation, especially if you are traveling aboard with your dog!

For this reason, it is advised to keep multiple copies for your dog’s medical certificates and documents with yourself. That can also include a virtual copy for the documents.

Using dog-friendly apps can be a good idea!

Indeed, you will find that there are plenty of applications that are available online that could help you when you’re on the road with your pup! Yes, installing it and getting that work for you is now a lot easier than it used to be ever in the past years. Here is the list of some of the apps that you can use as per your requirements-

Pet First Aid By American Red Cross

If you are in need of an emergency vet or a nearby animal hospital, this application can be the best choice for you. It helps you locate the nearest animal hospital in the least time possible. Not only that, but it also provides the step-by-step instructions to get onto the desired place for common vet emergencies.

All Trails

Indeed, this application has the largest collection of trail maps that can go up to 50,000! You can browse the reviews and photos through this app and then filter your search items by dog-friendly trails. In this manner, you can know better to have the best hikes to hit your dog!

Bring Fido

Yes, this is the yelp of the dog world. The application effectively helps you locate the nearby attractions, restaurants, and hotels that not only welcome pets but also have the best preparation for you to be relaxed and comfortable.

Skipping the hotel fees

You will find many hotels that would be charging additional fees to have your pet dog accommodated! It can be in the form of a one-time fee or that of a daily charge. Whatever it is, it is seen that these charges are high enough to have you think twice. These extra costs eventually add up, and you have to owe that extra for your entire trip now. However, some hotel chains are ready to welcome your pets without any of the extra charges. Indeed, no deposits and no extra fees for your dogs can be an amazing idea!

The bottom line

Traveling with your dog can be amazingly effective for the people who are already in their plans for getting around the world. Get these tips to work for you to have it right and appropriate now!