Top 5 Hotels to Book for Your Next Hajj & Umrah Pilgrimage

Hotels to Book for Your Next Hajj & Umrah Pilgrimage

Millions of Muslims gather in Mecca for Hajj and Umrah every year. Worshippers from different nations flock together to offer praying and spread the message of love and brotherhood. Irrespective of their wealth, language, race and culture, the pilgrims share this event to express love and solidarity over long distances. It’s a matter of fortune for every Muslim to witness the beauty of Kaaba in the Mecca, once in a lifetime. Therefore, it’s quintessential to plan Hajj and Umrah tour by professionals. Hajj and Umrah tour operators can arrange and manage everything in a swift manner.

Hajj and Umrah tour operators

A tour operator offers quality service to pilgrims. Starting from Visa to flight booking, the agencies are well-versed in providing state-of-art services that exceeds customer expectations and exudes professionalism. However, for a foreign tour, most important part of the journey is accommodation.

Accommodation in Mekkah & Madinah

Accommodation is especially important for Hajj or Umrah travelers, considering the fact that there are billions of pilgrim to flock every year. So, the tour operator manages to offer most comfortable accommodation facility in best hotels. This is one of the most sought after travel package loved by pre-planned destination travelers. An all-inclusive deal offers everything in one deal and saves you money in Mecca and Medina tour.

Booking a hotel within a travel package is the best option to keep the budget in check. You could avoid extra expenditures and money wastage on travel and accommodations. The all-inclusive packages may include breakfast, dinner or lunch option. A selection of latest amenities such as pool, master bedroom with luxurious bathroom may be included without any extra charges. Some of the decent hotels are even closest to the pilgrimage, which can save time and pilgrim discomfort like standing in queue for long hours.

Below are some best hotels to book in Makkah and Madinah:

Al Azhar hotel in Makkah and Mouruj:

Al Azhar hotel in Makkah and Mouruj are 4 star accommodation spaces for individuals or group gatherings. A wide range of facilities are available for visitors, such as the classic 2 to three bedded rooms with flat TV and luggage storage cabin. The rooms are welcomed with warm colors and a master bathroom with shower. On-site dining option include restaurant, which provides an ideal option to sit and have a meal. Guest in this hotel can benefit from 24*7 room service. Laundry and cleaning facility are also included with the hotel package.

Al Amal hotel in Madinah:

Al Amal hotel is a 3 star hotel, located 250 km away from Al Masjid Al Nabawi. With over 585 air conditioned rooms in 45 floors, the hotel captivates onlooker’s attention with its grandeur and elegance. Each room features flat screen TV, majestic bedroom, private bathroom equipped with shower and other luxurious amenities. Free wifi, free private parking, free toiletries and hair dryers are other additional facilities for guests. 24 hour front desk facility is also provided.

Al Olayan Al Khalil in Makkah:

Al Olayan Al Khalil hotel is located 700 metres to holy Haram. The hotel features air-conditioned room with comfortable bedding, flat screen TV and refrigerator to keep edibles cool and fresh. Each one has an armchair and work desk in the living area. A freshly prepared breakfast is served in the morning and in-room dining facility is also available for every guest. The hotel has free wifi connectivity, restaurant, room service, ATM, luggage storage, safety deposit box, laundry facility, shops and other facilities.

Eiman Taibah in Madinah:

Eiman Taibah is located right at the heart of Madinah, just 150 m away from the prophet’s Mosque. The hotel features classic accommodation facility with complete air condition system, wooden furniture, a flat TV screen, safety deposit box, and a mini bar. The interior is well decorated and sophisticatedly designed to create a positive aura. The bathroom is fitted with shower and hair dryer. Guest can take advantage of free wifi, laundry facility, cleaning, parking, on-site dining and B&B facility.

Pullman Zam Zam in Makkah:

Pullman Zamzam is a 5 star hotel in Makkah for Hajj & Umrah pilgrims. Set in the Al-Bait Towers, the hotel is a 5-minute walk from the Masjid al-Haram mosque and the Kaaba, presenting a picturesque view from the hotel room. Featuring 1,315 spacious suite and deluxe rooms with in-room audio of the prayer service, free wifi, air conditioning, valet parking, free laundry, 450 shopping stores and many more. You can enjoy all day dining restaurants, grab-and-go Tea lounge, or in-room dining for 24 hours a day. The hotel is well placed in a cultural and religious atmosphere.

Other hotels that can be added to the list are Crown Plaza in Madinah, Al Shohada Hotel and the newly opened Anjum Hotel in Makkah. All these hotels are licensed and insured under Saudi Arab standard, with minimally charges per day/night. Booking any one of these hotels from a registered agency in Saudi Arab could provide you with ultimate comfort within a budget.