Top Ten Popular Destinations for Luxury Beach Holidays for 2020

Destinations for Luxury Beach Holidays

New Year has already begun and all are in a mood of enjoying the vacations, many people are breaking down the internet to get the idea regarding the top beach destinations in the world to have a luxury vacation.

No doubt, hill stations are exotic, but when it comes to beaches, the vivid imagination enjoying the sunset and exploring the beauty of crystal clear beaches can’t go off the mind.

No matter whether you have enjoyed luxury beach holidays, everyone loves to relax on a white sandy beach and soaking up the sun with their special ones. But selecting the right beach to enjoy your vacation fullest is a difficult task.

In this blog, we have put together the best 11 luxury beaches where you can enjoy your holidays.

Koh Samui:

Koh Samu

It is one of the most exotic islands in Thailand. Located in the Gulf of Thailand, the beach is known for its bright white sand, crystal clear water and many secluded beaches in the proximity. One can immerse in the luxury of sunbathing and sipping cocktails enjoying the serene beauty of nature. Also, visit the enchanting Buddhist temple in the locality and drench out your stress by taking a spa. Further, the budget is also nominal and will not dig a hole in your pockets.


Barbados, an eastern Caribbean island, is renowned for its exotic beaches, unique culture, botanical gardens, and caves. It is popular globally as a classy beach holiday destination. Stroll along the sandy beach sipping the tropical drinks and enjoy the view of waves rolling from the Atlantic Ocean. For the ones who love trekking can hike through the lush vegetation and reach the top of Farley Hills to enjoy the sunrise. The island is also ideal for travelling with family as there are many large villas to rent or A –list hotel to stay.

Riviera Maya:

Riviera Maya

The beautiful island located in the Caribbean coastline in Mexico is known for its long beaches, fishing villages, and ancient Mayan ruins. Apart from the exotic beaches, it is also known for its wellness retreats. 


Adorned with beautiful villas and amazing beaches, Antigua is known for its friendly and charming people. The island is blessed with many sandy beaches and coral reefs. One could enjoy snorkeling and relish the beauty of the aquatic marine life. 


The nation of Fiji is made of about 300 islands and is located in the South Pacific Ocean. The beauty of the unspoiled palm-fringed beaches, breathtaking coral reefs, and secluded bays will make your trip worthwhile. The tranquillity of the serene nature will pay off for your long haul flight. Further, after the beach fun is over, one can take out time to explore the rainforest, waterfalls, and abundant wildlife.

The Maldives:


Located in the Indian Ocean, the tropical paradise nation has about one thousand coral islands. The beautiful country is known for its fine sandy beaches, beautiful reefs, and hospitality. Plenty of water sport games such as snorkeling, diving, boat ride could be enjoyed here.

Sri Lanka:

It is a large island located just south of India. It is known for its long stretches of coastline and rich habitat. Enjoy the panoramic view of the exotic coastline along with palm trees stretching almost miles. The beautiful sunsets along the azure blue water are breathtaking. Relish the exotic Sri Lankan cuisines and satiate your appetite. Try out the numerous traditional spas and ancient healing therapy and blow out your stress. 

The Azores:

Located directly West of Portugal in the mid-Atlantic, the Azores offer a dramatic luxury beach destination. The volcanic island in the midst of the sea filled with lush green habitat makes your vacation worthwhile. Further, it is a milder temperate zone with an average temperature of around 20 degrees centigrade. Although the beach paradise has something for everyone, it is most popular amongst the culture seekers, surfers, and outdoor enthusiasts. 

White Beach: Boracay, Philippines:

“Boracay” an exotic island in the Philippines, is an ideal beach destination and is known for some of its finest beaches. White beach is one of the most popular beaches in Boracay. The beach looks pristine with its bone-white sand and turquoise blue waters. The warm weather makes taking a bath or dipping your toes in the water simply irresistible. Chill in the water or relax in the shade, sipping a tropical drink. Popular activities would include parasailing, exploring the island on ATV, and island hopping.

Costa Rica:

It is full of beautiful beaches, but Playa Chiquita, located on the Caribbean coast, tops the list. The soft sand on the beach makes strolling, and enjoying the beach walk easy. The clear water is best for swimming. The island is backed by rain forest, giving it a feel of gem and also space for intimacy. When you are done with the beach, you can also take out time to explore the rich biodiversity of the rainforest. Options are available for hiking, biking and zip-lining. Spiral monkeys are a major attraction in the rainforest and the rich flora and fauna will leave you mesmerized.


This exotic island is known for its breathtaking beaches. Here people come down to relax and take a break from their monotonous lifestyle. One can access Anguilla from a boat from the St. Maarten Island. Further, Shoal Bay is one of the most beautiful beaches, and the best thing about the beach is the bright white sand and crystal clear water. The weather is almost perfect without crowds and pollution. The unspoilt heavenly paradise will give you truly blissful moments. 


Plan a tour to your dream beach destination and get a moment to relax and enjoy the serene beauty of pristine beaches mentioned above. Further, every beach has its own specialty and will give you many blissful memories to cherish for a lifetime.