Trekking the Atlas Mountains of Morocco

Atlas Mountains of Morocco

Morocco, one of magnificent country to the Atlas mountain range of North Africa offers wide range of challenging hikes and pleasant strolls. The 500km of rugged mountain terrain exposes to something inherently majestic, satisfying and refreshing for trek enthusiast and adventure lovers. Moreover, the diverse geographical landscape enthralls its beauty with much grandeur and expedition. Whether you want to trip the peaks or camel trek the rolling sand dunes of Sahara Desert, Morocco’s wilderness will kick your adrenal with more adventure and fun.

Geographical know-how about Morocco

The Atlas mountain provide Morocco with long rocky spines. With peaks rising to above 4000 metres, it boasts a series of several trekking routes. The foothills of these mountains are home to Berber people, an ethnic group who lives in the mountain of Morocco from many centuries. The landscape changes form mountainous to dry from south to east with great Sahara Desert. This desert offers an unparalleled diversity that is enduringly fascinating. If you want to experience the serenity and sublimity of golden sand dunes, then Sahara Desert is worth of traveling.  The Atlas range itself acts as a barricade between the lower Sahara Desert region and the northern rolling Middle Atlas and RIF mountains, which means it catches both the dryness and greenery to the regions. In addition to that, Morocco has long Atlantic coastline, which conjures vision to endless paths of golden sand ripening under a tropical sun and sweet colored sky.

In sum total, Morocco is a place of contrasts, colors and stunning topography.

Cultural Influences in Morocco

Located fewer than 10 miles from the coast of Spain, Morocco blends the unique identity of Berber, European and North African culture. The people consists of small ethnic groups descended from the groups of Arabic and Islamic culture. As a result, more than 99 percent of Moroccans are Muslims and remaining one percent are either Jewish or Christian. This country takes classic Arabic and Tamazight as an official language. Classic Arabic are limited to few people, however, Moroccan Arabic are preferred over other linguistic dialect.

Morocco – Unique Destination for Trekking

Back to the point! When you are on a trip to Morocco, there are several things to explore. Its’ impressive natural diversity offers visitors from relaxed beaches to mountain escapes and everything. The Atlas Mountains has blessed this country with some of the world’s most dramatic and beautiful mountains. Trekking attracts major tourist from worldwide every year. Beginners can enjoy gentle forays in the Atlas Mountains whereas experienced hikers can try snow-ravaged tops in winters. Here, we have listed some of most thrilling mountains to trek in Morocco –

High Atlas Mountains:

The high Atlas Mountains are paradise for trekkers. Running diagonally across the Morocco, from Atlantic coast of Algadir to Northern Algeria, these mountains expands to several high and low land summits. Most of them are under 4000 to 3000m high, making a spectacular setting for traversing the local habitants. Visitors can closely view their living, ethnic lifetsyle, food and culture while walking down the trails.


Jebel Toubkal, also known as the highest peak of North Africa, heights to 4167m into the central High Atlas range, dishing most captivating views of various land profiles in Morocco. This quasi-mythical mountain rewards trekkers with challenging altitude for trekking and trawling in there. During summer months, the moderate temperature creates a favorable atmosphere to trek in two to three days, whereas winters are bit challenging. The trails are heaped with snow, restricting visitors to trail in winters.

Jebel Saghro:

Jebel Saghro Mountains lies in the Anti-Atlas range of Morocco. When the temperature dips down in High Atlas Mountains, the climatic condition in Saghro Mountains gives a wintery escape for the trekkers. The temperature remains milder, offering a passable passage without any difficulty as Toubkal’s snow trails.

M’Goun massif:

M’Goun massif traverse through the Central High Atlas range, viewing scenic beauty of nearby valleys and rivers. This peak is 4071 m high, which means visitors can comfortable stay and relaxed on the top and enjoy the scenery for long hours. One can get an exotic view of wild flowers and dramatic snow rivers flowing through the valleys, where local Berbers live.

Sirwa Massif:

Unlike the High Atlas Mountains, the anti-atlas mountains such as Sirwa Massif are less heralded mountains in the south of Morocco. However, some peaks are tempting for beginners and experienced trekkers too. Trek enthusiasts can climb mountain Sirwa, a 3304-meter-high volcanic mountain in two days, and then trace the lower Berber valleys and their steeply terraced fields on the round-trip from Taliouine.

Trekking the unexplored mountains of Morocco offers you an opportunity to discover the timeless mountain villages and traditional Berber culture. Best time of year is from April to June and September to November, as there were no scorching summer heats and chilling winter temperatures. Experts recommend to consult guides for proper guidance and support.

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