Unravel the Beautiful Attractions of Sitges – a “Catalonian Pearl”

Unravel the Beautiful Attractions of Sitges

Sitges is a “Catalonian Pearl” – this place looks like something precious and luxurious hidden away between the Mediterranean and the dark folds of the Graff hills. The town snakes around the bay and up the mountains in chains of white buildings. This place has broad avenues, narrow streets, four museums, and the gorgeous beaches of Costa Dorada/Golden Coast. What more? Sitges is also known for its special day trips and biggest carnivals.

If you are interested in breaking the monotonous life, pack your backs and head on to Sitges. With its fabulous coastlines, dazzling bars, and fun-filled carnivals, get assured of receiving a memorable experience for a lifetime. Book your Sitges Apartments online to avoid any travel and accommodation problems.

Here is our selection of the best travel attractions in Sitges:

Carnival in Sitges:

Carnivals are one of the most popular festivities around the world, and it is not different in Sitges either. Apparently, a Sitges carnival is one of the most emblematic carnivals in Catalonia and all around Spain. It is known for its motto that says something like “all is fair during the Carnival”. There are a lot of events and celebrations for one week. You can experience the most famous parade of la Rua de la Disbauxa that takes place on Sunday and the spectacular parade of la Rua de l’Extermini on Tuesday. It looks more like a Río de Janeiro carnival, where people from the city flock in colorful clothes and painted faces to celebrate the occasion with joy.

Majestic Sant Bartomeu Church:

Sitges has many monumental places to visit and explore. The Sant Bartomeu Church stands on the Mediterranean shore as an insignia of classic architecture. When you stand on the beach, you will be impressed by the views; this church looks like a guardian to the town. If you climb up the stairs, you will experience a jaw-dropping view of a greenish-blue sea and clear sky. Behind the church, you can explore the typical village from the South of Spain, as most of the houses are painted in white. If you walk down the narrow streets, you can find many corners where peace and tranquility meet each other.

The Garraf Natural Park:

The Garraf natural park surrounds the town of Sitges. This park offers a fantastic resource for sports enthusiasts and nature lovers who appreciate wide-open natural spaces. It extends up to 12,820 hectares, with a wide natural heritage of Holm oak and white pine, closed valleys, and regions of limestone and dolomite rocks. Among the wildlife, there are Mediterranean tortoises, rabbits, quails, wild boars, eagles, and falcons.

The GARRAF natural park is famous for Palau Novella, which is Catalonia’s first Buddhist monastery. There are numerous spots for trekking for adventure lovers; you can easily get access to the routes with the suggested signs.

The City of Sitges has a lot to offer tourists and holiday goers. While you are at it, you can Explore these five best things about Sitges, including the bewildering beauties of beaches and hilly landscapes. But do not forget to do all the preparations before. Have your bookings for Sitges Apartments, check your travel tickets, but all the essentials, and fly to the land of sea and sand.

You will find that there are booming thunderstorms in and around Barcelona and a mesmerizing and serene night sky over Sitges. Indeed, the Sitges look like luxurious and precious hidden away between the enigmatic folds of Graffaf Hills and the Mediterranean. If you are one to witness the beauty of such destination, you should forget about the bargains. Sitges has some of the highest property prices in the entire Europe. Indeed, if you are looking for a plot of scrubby land at this place, you will be competing with the Barcelona footballers and the millionaires in the state.

When to go there?

If you are looking forward to visiting this place, there is a common rule of the Mediterranean that applies to visiting this place. If you don’t mind the intense heat, crowds, and humidity, you can go to this place in the summer months. Interestingly, this town claims to get around 300 days of sun each year. That allows you to be assured of a reasonably chirpy and pleasant break before you head to this destination. Indeed, even if you have selected a rainy day for your trip, Sitges does not actually offer a gone-away feeling like many of the other cities do! Here is the complete idea about the inside track for this place.

The inside track

Do you know the Torres is the headquarters of Spain’s most respected wine family? You will get this destination at just an hour’s drive away in the Penedes Hills. The destination is not only aesthetic for its riveting story aspects but is also elegant, and the museum is much fascinating. You will even have the touristy part have a train ride combined with a son et lumière show. Indeed, that is rather elegantly done!

You can also visit the Opera Sitges. There, you can choose from the weighty and gorgeous collection for the coffee table from the fine selection of the beautiful art books.

If vintage cars are something that fascinates you, opt for traveling in the month of March. There is a whole sort of rally that takes place in that month. If you are into star-spotting and fantasy movies, you can opt for this trip in the month of October!

Here is the list of the best hotels

Hotel Bar de la Renaixença £

It resides along the quiet streets and is a true sister of the Hotel Romàntic. The place is well-versed with traditional Spanish interiors with quite a large courtyard. This can be one of the best choices for you to be and enjoy the trip with the utmost simplicity!

Ibai Osteria ££

This hotel gives the feel of a contemporary and a characterful small hotel in the beautiful village of sant Pere de Ribes. This hotel is situated at just a 15-minute drive from Sitges. If you are looking for more properties like this hotel, you can contact the excellent Rusticae website.

Dolce £££

Along the enigmatic Catalonian hills with the beautiful sleek hilltop slide among the airy views, this hotel locates its mesmerizing essence! It has an excellent restaurant with the most inventive and thoughtful Catalonian dishes.

Some of the best restaurants for you-

Café Roy £

It is never tough to find a woody and dark bar in any of the Spanish cities! Along with the ceramics on the walls, tapas, and hams hanging from the ceiling, it can be a good place to relax and freshen up for the next destination. This restaurant is just as atmospheric as any of the restaurant’s in the city!

Esmarris ££

It offers one of the most distinctive Catalan foods. Indeed, this can be one of those anonymous spaces but is worth your time and money!

Fragata £££

If you are a Barcelona player or a Hollywood star, this is one such place to hop on at first sight. But, at the same time, it is not important that great food and VIP ambiance go hand in hand. Indeed, here it does magically! This restaurant offers the most gripping menu for all of you looking forward to enhancing your taste buds in a new town!

The bottom line

With that, you have now known about the various hotels and the different restaurants that can be well written on your lists while you are on your travel to the Sitges. But some of the things which you should avoid while you are enjoying are hard to find, right? Here are the points to remember-

If you have trouble with all-night music, you should avoid staying in town. Indeed, this can be more serious for people who hate loud music. This goes especially for Calle Espaltar, Calle Dos de Mayo, and alle de San Francesco.

It is always wise to leave the hired car at the hotel. Indeed, you will find parking is free after dark, but at the same time, finding a free space close to the Esplanade can be a tough job!

If you have those baggy 10-year-old navy-blue swimsuits or shorts, leave them at your home! You should invest in a new pair. Shabby swimwear doesn’t go well in Sitges!