What All You Need To Know About Manaslu Trekking Nepal?

Manaslu Trekking Nepal

Nepal is one of the best places in the world for trekking. The lofty and the majestic mountains make it a one-stop destination for adventure enthusiasts, trekkers, and the mountain climbers. The adventure lovers from different corners of the world visit Nepal and accept the challenge to climb the mountain or go on trekking.

Nepal is rich in flora and fauna, and apart from this, it has a lot to offer to the tourist who comes for trekking from every corner of the world. Manaslu trekking in Nepal is one which is filled with adventure.

The Trekking to the Manaslu

Mount Manaslu is one of the eighth highest mountain peaks in the world. The trekking to the Manaslu takes 18 days to explore the landmarks of Manaslu Nepal. Before the countdown starts for trekking, the tourist is going to land at Kathmandu where the tour representative will escort you to the hotel room.

There are a lot of places at Kathmandu with incredible beauty and breathe taking scenery which is going to make you fall in love with the place. The trekking to Manaslu was opened for the tourist in the year 1991. As it is the highest peak, it requires a special permit for trekking as well as it is only allowed for the organized treks.

During the trek, the tourist will come across exotic and stunning scenery of the Nepal mountain. The trekking to the Manaslu is restricted for the solo trekkers. The tourist should be in a group of two accompanied by a guide. The Manaslu region has various type of biodiversities, with a combination of diverse flora and fauna. The mountains covered with snow, chilled lakes, glaciers is one of the unbeatable assets in peaks of Manaslu.

The guides with years of experiences are trained so that they can take care of the trekkers on board. The trekkers can visit old monastery called “Sama Gompa” situated at the Samagaun which gives you a close-up view of the Manaslu peaks. The Himal Chuli situated at the height of 7893 meters, Ganesh Himal at 7319 meters, Shringi Himal and Manaslu Hima at 7187m. The beauty of these mountain peaks is something which can’t be expressed in words. Manaslu trekking Nepal is going to make your journey memorable for a lifetime

Some areas are prone to the landslides and rock fall, so the trekkers need to be careful while trekking on those routes. The guide with the trekkers has an idea of the roads as well as they can predict the possible changes in the weather. Prior information about the danger which is going to approach on the way while trekking will help you to trek safely and securely. While trekking you can find accommodations and fooding on the way which is known as tea houses.

Before the start of the trek pack your bags in the right way. The bags must be comfortable and light to carry through the routes. A water bottle, with some high energy food supplements, some warm clothes along with the first aid box must be included in the bag. The temperature at higher altitudes is usually low so carry medicine which can relief you in cold and fever.

Carry comfortable clothes which are fit to wear while trekking. Select the right trekking boots from a good shoe brand in the market which can make you feel comfortable while trekking.

Many packages are available with the professional trekkers. Before you decide to go on trekking make sure that you are healthy. Nepal trekking is a perfect place for the adventure to explore the beauty of mountains with rich culture and history. So pack your bags without delay and get ready for trekking.