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Iceland Holidays

June is the best time to visit Iceland for many excellent reasons. The weather is just fantastic, you can enjoy bright daylight 24/7, and it’s the month of their Independence Day. June is the best time you can visit many places in Iceland as well as take part in various activities along with the locals.

June is the official summer month of Iceland. It’s not very warm in the summer as compared to the others places, but for the Icelanders, it is one of the most cherished things to have – no rain, long days, no wind and they can be out and about as much as they want. If you are planning a visit to Iceland, consider the months of June, July, and August as the best ones.

Iceland in June will offer you a mix of everything from warm, bright days to chilly breeze in case you are visiting the countryside. So pack your t-shirts and shorts and some warm clothes and get ready to enjoy the best of Iceland.

Here are some of the things you can do while you are in Iceland in June:

Enjoy the Midnight Sun

Enjoy the Midnight Sun

During the summer one of the most amazing things happens in Iceland – Midnight sun. You can enjoy 24/7 bright day during the month of June in Iceland. Due to northern altitude the sun never really sets in Iceland in the summer. This means you can enjoy the sun even in the night. The sun touches merely the surface of the water in the Horizon and comes up again. This is one of the most beautiful things you will see in Iceland.

Watch the Whales

Although whales can be spotted all year round in Iceland, summer is the best time to see them in their natural habitat. If you have signed up for Iceland vacation packages, then it must include a visit to look at the whales’ species like the Minke, Humpback, Blue whale and more. The summertime offers the maximum chance to spot one of these beautiful creatures.

Natural Hot Springs

Natural hot springs are some of the best parts of the Iceland vacation packages. They are a vision to die for. You will find these beautiful natural hot springs scattered around the country. The Blue Lagoon is the most famous hot spring in Iceland. Hot springs are some of the top favorites of the visitors.

Hiking in Iceland

Hiking in Iceland is very rewarding. The summers are the best time for hiking. People take Iceland breaks, especially the frequent travelers to visit around the country. You will find many hiking routes that not only provides adventurous hiking, but the breathtaking views will also amaze you.

Watch the Sea Puffins

Sea Puffins

As if the breathtaking and stunning natural views weren’t enough, you have the chance to see Sea Puffins, a species of Seabirds that come in Aprill and stay till August. Birdwatchers will fall in love with these beautiful creatures. For the Iceland holidays 2018, visit the country in June and let your eyes feast on these beautiful bird creatures. It’s very soothing.

The Highlanders

Another great addition to the list of where to go in Iceland is the Highlands. During the summer months, some of the Highlands are open for the visitors. The rugged interiors and colorful mountains are something you don’t want to miss. Some of the best Highlands to visit are Landmannalaugar in the south and Kerlingarfjöll in the central highlands, the geothermal crater lake Víti in Askja Caldera in the northeast. There are many more of them. Sign up for travel packages that include all the magnificent highlands if you are just crazy about visiting the place.

Take a ride on the Ponies

Iceland will never stop surprising you. Apart from all the natural beauties and natural sceneries, it has some of the beautiful looking Iceland ponies for you. Furry and cute, these Icelandic horses are perfect for a ride around the place. Horseback riding in the natural terrains of Iceland is the fun activity you don’t want to miss. They are included in most of the Iceland holiday deals, so make sure you don’t miss out on a beautiful ride.

Go Snowmobiling

Go Snowmobiling

Glaciers are very common in Iceland. Some of the massive glaciers are protected in the National Parks. The best thing about Iceland is that you can go snowmobiling any time of the year even in June as the glaciers are always there. Snowmobiling tours are available from Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland.

It’s Picnic anytime, anywhere

Reykjavik is a small city and you can explore some of the best parts by walk or by riding the bike around the city. And, if you get tired, you can find a spot anywhere and have a picnic in the middle of nowhere. Just pack some snacks and drinks, and you are ready to enjoy Iceland while sitting and munching foods. You will find plenty of vacationers like you in the city, so don’t worry no one is going to judge you. Not just that, Reykjavik breaks packages will take you to the different parts of the city and witness a whole new world here.

Where to go in Iceland is something you may ask when you are planning a vacation in this beautiful country. These are some of the things you can do while you are there, especially in June. June is the summer time and considered as the best time to enjoy some of the best things about Iceland. Iceland Holidays has the perfect vacation packages for you. Let us help you design your holiday to Iceland.