Why Do Tourists Prefer St. Martin Vacation Rentals?

Tourists Prefer St. Martin Vacation Rentals

Adorned with some of the finest beaches with crystal clear water, breath-taking sunset views, and a lot of fun activity, St. Martin is an exotic island in the North East Caribbean Sea. Whether you are a nature lover and want to take a plunge into the crystal-clear water and enjoy the marine life, St. Martin welcomes everyone with open arms.

Things that St. Martin Vacation Rentals offer:

There are many vacation rentals in St. Martin that offer you plenty of activities to do. Some of them are:

  • Residing in luxury vacation homes:

There are many fabulous places in St. Martin to choose from that the vacation rentals provide you to stay at like Terres Basses, Anse Marcel, and Oyster pond or orient beach. Vacation rentals in St. Martin provides a wide range of accommodation options to choose from, such as island homes that come in varying budget ranges. Rentals even have options such as rental condos that do not cost much on your pockets.

  • Amenities:

Vacation rentals in St. Martin offer you the most luxurious comfort when you are out on vacation. There are many lavish villas that offer incredible beachfront location, serene ocean views, and world-class facilities like a swimming pool to relax. They provide you with a stay according to your choice. St. Martin has almost everything for everyone to give a lifetime memory to cherish. It offers nightlife, water sports, shopping, and world-class dining.

What makes St. Martin so special?

St. Martin is a paradise in itself, but what makes your vacation an unforgettable one is due to the St. Martin vacation rentals. There are plenty of things for everyone, such as snorkeling, scuba- diving, sunset cruises, and even private sailing excursions. One can enjoy the enchanting beauty of marine life by taking a scuba dive or by preferring snorkeling. These beautiful reefs and aquatic animals will bring back the life in you.

Else you can relax and lie down in the dazzling white sand beaches viewing the crystal Clearwater of the Caribbean Sea and see the sun setting behind the horizon.


It does not matter what occasion is on your calendar. St. Martin caters to all kinds of hospitality needed, such as corporate events, wedding events, Honeymoon bookings, Christmas events, etc.

A lot of vacation rentals are there in St. Martin that offer facilities like assistance for babysitting, privacy for honeymooners, car rentals, a party event for about a hundred, and heavenly spa treatment. Few rentals even provide a qualified chef to prepare food for those who have special dietary needs.

Here is the list of the top St. Martin vacation rentals for you to make the trip more memorable and exquisitely beautiful. Follow the one that perfectly suits your needs in the most cost-effective approach. It is to be noted that the price for the action rentals in St. Martin can vary according to the dates and the number of guests chosen as a criterion.

Top vacation rentals in St. Martin

Orient Beach Luxury Villa Belle Mer

If you are looking for a perfect luxury vacation rental in St. Martin, this can be the ideal choice for your requisites. It is a luxury villa in St. Martin with beautiful adjacent access to the Orient beach. This magnanimous villa offers the unique sight of the breath-taking views of the ocean and can be one of the top choices for people planning for the best vacation or taking a short break from the corporates! The place has a mesmerizing angle with a long pool and a large terrace with a great outdoor dining section and living comfortably. Contextually, if you are opting for a luxurious kitchen, this could be just next to amazing! The kitchen comprises granite, and stainless steel look throughout and also accompanies with an open floor plan for entertainment. If you are opting for this villa, you will be provided a housekeeper on a daily basis, and you will find each room with cable tv. There is a giant sound system with the best POD player and CD/DVD. Some of the house rules that you must follow here are listed below-

  • No pets are allowed
  • You can ask for smoking aspects.
  • You can ask if you have children accompanying you for the trip.

Indeed, this vacation rental in St. Martin enjoys great reviews from all its visitors.

Brand New – Le Cozi – Sea View & Beachfront

It offers one of the best views for your stay in St. Martin. Indeed, the pearl view of the sea, just befitting the enigma of the beaches and water, can be one of the best ways to relax in the magical ambiance of St. Martin. This property has two large-room apartments with a separate bedroom and a grand bathroom. The living rooms are fully equipped with a large and spacious kitchen to give a royal look for your stay in St. Martin. You will have access to a colorful terrace and a zen garden to make your stay more memorable and comforting. An apartment can accommodate a family of 4 persons, and the beach is just a short walk away from the property. Some of the house rules that can be noted for staying at this vacation rental are listed below-

  • Pets are allowed
  • Smoking is allowed
  • It is kids friendly

Private Beach Access, Hot Tub

This is the newest villa rental for St. Martin that has been added to the list in the year 2020! It accommodates a total of 14 guests and has six bedrooms for hosting you. Indeed, this vacation rental is rated excellent by many trip advisors. It can be one of the perfect choices for making your vacation in St. Martin with the most exquisite experiences. If you choose this vacation rental, you would be meeting the host for this rental right in the airport who would be guiding you to the villa and cater to all your needs after you reach your destination. There would be fantastic views of the white sandy beaches and turquoise water. However, all these views would be nothing when compared to the sight of the composing sea beaches that this rental offers you daily! Some of the rules are listed below for you to choose this vacation rental for your stay-

  • No pets are allowed
  • Smoking is not allowed
  • It is kids friendly

Villa Oyster Pearl, Private Beach Access, Hot Tub

This is one of the most popular luxury vacation rentals for 2-4 guests. If you are planning for the best place for your anniversaries and honeymoons, it can be a perfect choice! This comprises a private infinity pool for your private usage. It offers breath-taking panoramic views overlooking Great Bay, the Caribbean Sea, and the Philipsburg, spectacular by day and by night. This place offers convenience to all this great island offers- fabulous water sports, 37 white sand beaches, open markets, and duty-free shopping for all your needs. There are casinos and daytrips to various beautiful adjacent islands.

Rules for this place include-

  • Pets are not allowed
  • Smoking is not allowed
  • You can ask for the stay of kids on this property.


St. Martin is one of the most liked destinations for tourists, especially the beach lovers. Almost everyone would love to revisit it. The hospitality that the rentals in St. Martin provide is also one reason people revisit this much-loved Caribbean Island. You should know when to visit the place. Getting to the best St. Martin villa rentals and enjoying your stay in luxurious properties can be an experience unmatched. Go through some of the best visits for your trip now!